Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thriftaholics anonymous anyone....?

I found myself kidless this morning and had a few hours to kill before my hair appointment.  I decided to try my hand at the thrift stores.  NOT GONNA LIE....I am a bit in love.  It was inevitable I am sure---I already had a love of yard sales.  It is a slippery slope from there.  I have a stack of cute clothes, some shelves, some new and fabulous fabric, an old sheet to use for sewing, AND a new pair of shoes that I may never take off.  I love that shoes ALWAYS fit.  My tummy may get bigger---I may not fit in my cute jeans anymore, BUT are always there to make me happy.  These little cuties were 2 bucks at Value Village and I have been wearing them and smiling ever since.  SERIOUSLY I may have a new problem---My name is Jessica and I AM a Thriftaholic♥

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