Sunday, May 16, 2010

Whippin' it on up!!

SOOOOO I have been back at the sleeve shortening.  I cannot stop.  I want spring clothes, but all I have are winter clothes, so I got out the scissors.  I am also ALWAYS in need of church clothes.  I can NEVER find anything I really like for church, so I just wear my jean skirt EVERY week.  So I grabbed another sweater and gave it a little POP!!!
I started with this plain blue sweater.  I liked it ok, but I have another one that is the same color that I like a lot better.  So I the same process as I used HERE I shortened the sleeves.  The only difference is that I sewed with the raw edge on the indside of the sweater instead of on the outside (like I did on the sweatshirt).
I wanted this to match my favorite skirt (which is pink and blue), so I used an old t-shirt and made some pink rosettes.  You can kinda see the hot glue in the picture, but not in real life (I hope).

Kinda fun.  I glued the flowers to some matching felt and the glued safety pins to the back.  I did not want to sew the flowers onto the sweater because I am not interested in a one trick pony.  I want this sweater to go with EVERYTHING!!  But for THIS week, here is the outfit. 
By the way...I was SOOOO happy to be able to wear my hot pink shoes.  They are my wedding shoes and needed a new outfit.  LOVE THEM!!!!  They cost more than my wedding dress, so I am glad I got to wear them more than once:)
Because I became slightly obsessed with fabric rosettes, I made another fabric wrapped bracelet.  I just ripped a strip of fabric (leftover from a dress I made for Em), and wrapped it around a a cheap "livestrong" type bracelet.  And then I hot-glued on 3 fabric rosettes.  LOVE IT!!!

make it wear it


Marilee said...

Very cute Jessica !

Todd and Christianne said...

That is a really cute outfit! You are so creative. I seriously hate trying to find something to wear for church. I wish you would have taught like a crafts/sewing class in high school too! I need to learn!!

andrea said...

Love the color combo! Very cute. Thanks for linking up!