Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Ok....So it has been a month.  I KNOW.  I have been taking a little "break' of sorts.  WHY???  Well here is the rundown...
I have this life...it is a good life, but a little busy now and then.  I also have this blog...it is a good blog, but SOMETIMES I have to choose the life OVER the blog.  Have you ever heard that you have to choose better things over good things.  WELL this is that instance.  I love blogging!!  Why (I know my husband would like to know)??  Well I love to make things, I love to talk to/meet people, I like to share ideas, and I LOVE to write.  If Icould take a LIFE break, I would write a book.  BUT since my life is NOT going anywhere anytime soon, I have to take a blog break instead.  I test drove this BREAK idea over the last month and realized I only missed blogging a little bit.  PLUS...I still have my personal family blog to keep my ideas flowing. I will still be crafting and reading and my kids will still be super cute, so I will still be posting about it on my personal blog.  AND who knows...maybe in a month I will change my mind. I am sure I will update this blog once in a while if I have a tutorial to share or something AMAZING to write about.  But I am not going to worry about keeping it up to date.  BUMMER, but I know there are OTHER things that need my attention right now.  Thanks for all of your wonderful comments and emails over the last few years.  Happy Crafting!!!  Jessica