Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Operation 52

I am stuck in a rut.  A BIG HUGE disorganized BLAH rut.  Every day I wake up and my house is....still there.  Which is good I guess.  It would sure suck if it were gone.  BUT sometimes I feel like I am living in a rental house.  Like my house is a temporary place of residence that I have just borrowed for a while.  I HATE THAT!!  I have lived in my house for 5 years.  IT SHOULD FEEL LIKE ME.....right???  Well it doen't.  Not REALLY.  A lot has changed around here in 5 years.  I have become a TOTALLY different person.  BUT my house is still a busy teacher with deadlines and papers to correct and junk piled in the closet from when she moved in.  SOOOO  I decided I am ready for a makeover....

My house is fine.  It is a nice little "mousy brown haired mommy lady."  But it WANTS to be a "pretty red-head with nice white teeth and a splash of red lipstick."  I am sure on the inside this lady(who I graciously borrowed from google images) WAS a red head.  She just needed to get in touch with that part of her personality.  I want MY house to get more in touch with MY personality.  SOOO I decided to put it in writing.  No more.....when I get a chance....OR....someday I would love to.....TODAY I am starting to change things around here. 
I am giving myself ONE year....52 weeks to make my house into the home I want it to be.  If I can create a human being in 40 weeks, I should darn well be able to re-vamp 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and.....well an entire house.
  Since I have officially OUTED myself, I will actually follow through. That is the madness behind my....madness.    52 projects....52 changes...some big....some small....but all of them to make my house JUST THE WAY I WANT IT.  Cleaner. Greener. and MORE JESSICA!!!
Next September you will walk into my house (preferably only those who actually know me please) and say...."wow that REALLY looks like you (me)!!!"  I will be updating my progress here for all to see.  The GOOD.  The BAD.  And the Worse than bad.  I am not going for a remodel or overhaul, just AHHHHHHH!!! (the sound you make when you get into a nice warm shower at the end of the day....not the sound you make when you drop the milk jug on the floor without the lid on it). 

Operation 52 is in full swing starting tomorrow. 
 A new month....A new start......and a new LOVE (fingers crossed)!!!


Cami Eyre said...

Although I must say I think your house is very cute already...I love this and I'm excited to see your progress and projects!

Countrylivn' said...

I am really excited for your home makeover! Good luck! It will be great!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you are on Pinterest or not, but there are TONS of ideas, DIY, decor, just about anything you can think of. I'm already "pinning" ideas for our dream home someday.