Thursday, August 25, 2011

6 months (and a week)

A little over 6 months ago I started a quilt.  A simple little quilt for my SOON to come baby boy.  ONLY one problem.  I didn't QUITE get it done before he arrived.  Life happened and I got the top done, but didn't get it quilted.  I had REALLY good intentions of getting it done within weeks of his birth, but somehow FAILED.  Then I planned on getting it finished before he had surgery....FAIL.  SOO a little over a week ago I decided I would get it done by the time he turned 6 months.  Now (only a week late) I got it finished.  PHEW!!!!

It sure would have been easier to get a picture of a newborn.  This guy does NOT hold still for 1 second.  He spends his days trying to perfect the whole CRAWLING thing.  YIKES!!!
The pattern is Little Man from Camille's book SIMPLIFY.  The fabric is (pretty sure) a little Authentic by Sweetwater, a little Michael Miller, and a few.....something or others.  I just grabbed what I liked. 
I think my boy kinda likes it too:)  NOW that is a happy little boy.....LOVE IT!!!

The backing is my favorite.  I love the gray and the dots.  LOVE. THE. DOTS!!!!  I do not love the crooked quilting line down the green strip, is what it is RIGHT??? 
Man a lot can happen in six months......
And there he goes....

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G-ma Marilee said...

Beautiful quilt and beautifully handsome boy!!