Paparazzi FAQ

I have recenly become an independent consultant for Paparazzi Accessories and I LOVE IT!!!  It combines 2 things I and parties:)  I have been getting a ton of questions about Paparazzi, so I thought I would answer them once and for all. 

*What is Paparazzi??
Paparazzi is a relatively new direct sales company that distributes FUN, TRENDY, jewelry and accessories that retail for $5.00. Seriously EVERYTHING is $5.00 (except for a few children's items that are LESS than 5 bucks). 

*How is Paparazzi any different than other direct sales, especially other jewelry direct sales??
The difference is the price.  I have been to parties where you go, listen to the schpeel, see the product, fall in love, AND THEN find out how much it cost.  Then you try to figure out how to leave without them noticing that you have not purchased anything OR search frantically through the catalog to find the LEAST expensive of the super expensive products.  Paparazzi is great because the customer knows up front what the cost is AND knows how much they can afford to buy.  Plus there is NO catalog.  The customers come over, see the ACTUAL product, and then go home with the jewelry that they bought.  I always hate the waiting when I order something...usually by the time I get it I have lost all interest anyway.  It is also different because as a consultant you make 45% of the money.  SO for each 5.00 item you sell, you are making 2.25.  Easy as that!!!

*SOOO why did YOU (me) start selling Paparazzi??
Wellllll it was late one night and I was thinking...MAN I wish there was something I could do to get me out of the house and around adults once a week.  I love my kids, but I REALLY wanted some ME time.  I was blog hopping and found a blog of a Paparazzi consultant.  As I read I kept thinking...I COULD DO THAT!!!  Why did it appeal to me???  Because of the price.  I would not feel bad asking my friends to come to a party where the items only cost $5.00, unlike other direct sales products.  PLUS...parties.   HELLO??  Who doesn't like to hang out with friends?? AND SHOP at the same time???  FOR INEXPENSIVE JEWELRY???  Win WIN!!!  ANYWAY....I was not even looking for a way to make money since my husband does a pretty great job of that, but it seemed like so much fun (plus making money is always fun too right?).

*What types of jewelry does Paparazzi sell??
The cute kind:)  There is a little bit of something for everyone.  There are super trendy items for the person who is willing to REALLY show their stuff.  There is jewelry for your mom, grandma, aunt, and weird cousin.  Everyone (who wears jewelry) should be able to find items they love.  EVEN kids, since there is a whole line just for the little girlies!!  If you go to my Facebook page, their are a few pictures of some of my recent orders.  Head over to JESSICA'S JEWELRY and check it out!!

*Where can I go to learn MORE about Paparazzi Accessories??
Head on over to their website and take a look around.  They FOR SURE know more than I do:)

*How can I sign up to join Paparazzi and begin selling it myself??
Well you have two options.  1.  You can get in touch with me and give ME all of your important information.  Then I will sign up for you and you will be a part of MY TEAM!!!  OR you can head over to the Paparazzi website, look around, and then sign yourself up using my consultant number (3258) and you will STILL be on MY TEAM!!

I would be MORE than happy to answer any OTHER questions you may have.  Feel free to email me at jessicaleeperkins (at) hotmail (dot) com.