Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Is October over already????

Did anyone else completely miss October???  I feel like it was just the beginning of pre-school and it is almost November.  Weird.  I think 2 thinkgs contributed to my lost month.  ONE....sick kids.  Nothing ruins a month like puke and mucus!!!  And number TWO...THIS....
 I have been creating Emersyn's Halloween costume.  I finanally finished...well almost.  I still need to make her hair.  SERIOUSLY!!!!  I would post about her cotume today, but I am still in shock that it is done.  MAYBE a post for another day. 
Amongst the chaos I was able to finish up a few more projects.  Nothing Earth shattering, but some fun quick and easy crafts.  You know...the kind that make you WANNA be crafty again.  First off was a baby gift for my neighbor.  Julie is cute and crafty and nice (and brings great dinners after I have babies), so I wanted to make something....WELL cute and crafty and nice. 
  I used 2 different tutorials to help. FIRST, I borrowed the numbers from THIS BLOG  (btw..she has the numbers available in girl colors too). THEN, I borrowed the cute note from THIS BLOG. I just opened it in paint, erased her words, and typed my own message. AND....I even managed to get it delivered to her before her kid was a month old....score!!!
 NEXT, I have been trying to add some cheap a and easy Fall decorations to our house.  I love decorating, but hate how much I spend if I head out to the craft stores and look for Holiday decorations.  So I headed to Pinterest and grabbed my favorite ideas and got started.  I found this subway art on Pinterest and printed it right up on my printer.  I am not a wood cutting kinda gal, but wanted to make this RIGHT NOW.  So I grabbed the first square (actually my pre-schooler would actually tell me it was a rectangle) thing I could grab and got mod-podging.  I used a shoe box lid as my base.  I had to dig it out of my garbage can to save it for this proect.   I wasn't sure, but it worked great.  I spray painted it quickly so that it would be a brownish color, then mod-podged on some scrapbooking paper I had around.  Then I sanded the edges and put some wood stain on with a paper towel and my finger.  Since it was tecnically free, I kinda love it.  How can you not love something made out of garbage????
 I found these cute jars at GOODWILL.  I knew right away what I wanted to put in them.  AGAIN....Pinterest!!!  I had the black ribbon around.  I actually just taped it around the jars (since I want to change them soon for Thanksgiving and then use the jars year round).  The tags I printed from HERE and I just taped them onto the jars too. 
 I made a leaf garland out of dollar store leaves.  I bought two packs of 50 leaves and then just sewed them together on the sewing machine in a long line.  Worked like a charm. 
 I wanted to make this wreath THE MOMENT I saw it... you guessed it...on Pinterest.  I didn't make mine interchangeable, I just glued the flowers right on the wreath. 
 I also just used regular buttons for the flower middles.  I just glued some fabric around them. 
 Emersyn thought she needed to pose with HER wreath:)  Then of course she didn't wanna smile!!!
 I am super dooper in love with my milk jug.  I found it in my Gramma's shed and she said I could take it.   I wanted to paint it and pretty it up, but then I hosed it off and loved the antigue-y look of it.  SOO I might have to head back to Gramma's and grab another one to paint (she has like 5 stashed away in there). 
Last but not least is our infestation of bats.  I saw THIS over on MADE last year and liked it.  Then she did it again this year and I decided it was time to get it done. 
 Our rodent friends are sneaking out of the pantry and flying to freedom in the living room.  Kinda fun and FREE:)  All you need is some black paper and a few minutes and you can have creepy flying friends in your house too.  We are having a Halloween party at our house Friday....A PIRATE PARTY....and so there will be more creepiness coming up soon.  Since I have had sick kids for 2 weeks, first kid 1 and then kid 2, I REALLY need to get cracking on the whole GET THE HOUSE READY FOR A PARTY thing:)
 Other than that....we have pretty much just been hanging around.....HAHA!!!  She REALLY thought she was SOO high off the ground.  I had to come and save her!!1
 Happy Autumn Everyone!!!