Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The end of the Challenge!!!

Kids Clothing Week Challenge is finally over (I realize it was over on Sunday for all of the other folks).  I am not sure I can actually say I did it or not.  Even with my 3 extended days I still skipped yesterday.  I just could NOT wrap my mind around sewing yesterday.  BUT I did end on a good note.  I made this little jumper for Em.  YES she is starting to get quite the wardrobe now. 
Clearly I am not done yet....I don't make my kid wear safety pinned clothes (usually).  I just cannot decide which buttons I like most-----green or brown???  Any suggestions???  I would actually like teal, but I only have ONE of those.....darn me for committing not to buy new stuff right now!!!!  SOOOO GREEN or BROWN???? 

The pattern is from the book ONE YARD WONDERS.  It was super easy and probably took less than an hour----or it would have if I had not been doing a million other things too.  Even with 2 year old potty breaks, making lunch, prego potty breaks, feeding the cat, folding laundry and watching a little Cat in The Hat....It still only took 3 hours----quick and easy.  Just like I like it!!!! By the way....see all of the patterns in that book that are on my to-do list????  Good stuff in there----now I just need a book with some extra time in it....where would I find such a thing?????

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sewing kids clothes 4

Yesterday I was able to resume my Kids Clothing Week sewing.  Since I missed 3 days, I am gonna have Kids Clothing Week and a half and extend it on until Wednesday.  Just because my To-Do list is still longer than my Christmas List--yikes!!!  I finally finished this little jacket for Em.  The pattern is from Dear My Kids and I sewed along with the group over at From an Igloo.  It was not SUPER hard sewing, but a lot of firsts for me.  I am glad I stuck with it and hope I like it enough on the kiddo to actually have her wear it.
I did everything just like the pattern except I did not make button holes.  I sewed the buttons on and then just added some velcro to close it---I cannot imagine Em standing still for buttons every time we put her coat on----or for 2 seconds consecutively at that. 

The lining is green with little white dots. 

I just had to include a picture of the back because this is the part that caused the most bad words.....lets just say I used my un-picker a little bit.

And that is her little coat.  THE END:)

Friday, September 24, 2010

I am a crafting refugee

I got booted from the craft room today.  This is the contents of my sewing area....YEP right in my living room.  SUCKS!!!!  I had to evacuate so that the carpet cleaners could come and try to save our carpet from the 2 year old and the cat.  CLEARLY I got NO sewing accomplished today:(  I think I will lengthen Kids Sewing Week for a few days since I was unfairly detained---only fair right???? 
Until then....anyone wanna come and save my house from being sent in to HOARDERS!!!!????? 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kids Clothing Day 4

I attempted to get a few pictures of Emersyn in her new outfit today before we hit the library.  I got bouncing...

Smiley faces...

Tap dancing....

When she finally held still....what the heck?????

Then about 2 consecutive seconds of standing still and one snapped picture.  Kinda cute!!!!
AND THEN.....she was off.....

I got ZERO sewing done today.  Sad but true.  I may have to put my sew a longs on the back burner until the weekend.  I have a feeling that tomorrow will be more spinning, jumping, twisting, tapping.........

KCW Challenge Day #3

We tried out the hoodie today.  NOT SURE on this one.  It is cute, but a little big.  I made a 3T for a 2 year old, but most of her current clothes are 3T.....I think I will make a 2T next time and maybe shorten up the length too.  It is kind of a tunic length hoodie.  The sleeves were UBER long, so we rolled them.  Maybe by next spring it will be a perfect fit:) 
I bribed her with new sidewalk chalk----she was pretty excited!!!!!
I like the contrasting hood and waist band on this pattern.  I think I love EVERY thing about it except the fit---which may be my fault for making it too big.
We will call it a success!!!
I did not get a ton of NEW kid's sewing done because I was trying to finish the stupid binding on this Halloween tablerunner. 
I had some extra Scribble Monster fabric left over from last year so I of course made a disappearing 9 patch runner and I OF COURSE grid quilted it.
It is kinda funky and I am not sure about the colors, but I guess Halloween is kinda funky----so it works.
I found this backing at WalMart and kinda loved it......what are the odds I would find all of the right colors AND spiderwebs?????

So ALL I got accomplished was the outside of this coat for EM.  I hope to get the lining done today, but it is library I may have to sew in the afternoon----un-heard-of!!!!  I REALLY should not say ALL I got accomplished because this jacket kinda kicked my butt----I was soooo flustered I sewed the sleeve on inside out......TWICE!!!!  It better all work out in the end because there have been some words between this little apple coat and ME!!!!  Wish me luck today:)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kids Clothing Challenge--Day 2

Clothing SUCCESS!!  Emerysn wanted to try out her new dress and I wanted some pictures, so yesterday worked out well.  We got to try out our new WARHOL DRESS
The fit was great----I wish I had made the neck hole a little smaller, but a shirt underneath (next time one that fits a little better) takes care of that problem.
The directions were simple and well explained.  I would totally try this one out again.  Plus it uses thrifted shirts, so it is cheap (could be free if you have the shirts laying around).
It is comfy and casual enough for an impromptu dance party.
OR making a masterpiece.
SMILES all around for this one. 
Yesterday was a little less productive in the sewing department.  I only completed ONE project and did not get ANYTHING done on my Cute Coat Sew Along----I guess I will have to make up for lost time today----maybe.  This hoodie is also made from thrifted t-shirts.  The pattern is from Lil Blue Boo and worked out great. I cannot wait to try this again with something a little brighter and girlie-ER. 
I cut the button portion off of the old shirt and just sewed it right onto the front of the sweatshirt for at least a little girlie-ness----absolutely NO function.   Wish me luck in today's sewing success!!!! 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kid's Clothing Week Challenge---Day 1

I managed to get a little bit of sewing done today for Kids Clothing Week Day 1.  I have had this skirt cut out for.....I think months would be the correct term.  I  wanted it to go with THIS...

vest I made for the DMK contest.  Get it?????  They match:)  The pattern is from FROM AN IGLOO---it is the Sugar and Spice skirt.  The tutorial was pretty quick and easy and I am pretty pleased with the results.  I cannot wait to try them on my little model and see if it is a wearable outfit. 
I also had another project cut out and needing a little attention.
I made the WARHOL dress from MADE.  QUICK AND EASY!!!!!  I wish I had finished it in time for Summer, but I think it will still be cute with a shirt underneath. 
I used 2 thrifted shirts from Value Village and think the fabric is pretty cute----who doesn't like sparkles?????  EMERSYN LOVES SPARKLES, so this one should be a hit.
I hope I can get some action shots tomorrow---maybe my little pee machine will take time away from NOT pottying on the toilet long enough to try on her new digs. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Call me crazy....

SOOOO I may be overestimating my WELLNESS these days, but I am ready to start some major projects that have been sitting around while I have been.....well SITTING AROUND!!!  So I decided to join a couple of sew alongs.  First off....From an Igloo is having a sew along for a cute coat.  I already have the fabric and pattern and have actually cut it out already.  Now for the fun part----actually sewing it together:) 

SOOO as of Tuesday I will be a coat sewer.....who knew. 

To go along with making this cute coat, I am also gonna join THE KIDS CLOTHES WEEK CHALLENGE!!!  I am super excited about this one.  I planned on joining the Spring/Summer version and I am not sure what happened.  LIFE I guess.  The main idea is that for ONE week you will sew for at least ONE hour a day on clothing projects for your kids.  We will see if I can live up to that, but I am REALLY gonna try and finish some darn projects that need to get out of my TO DO pile.

I hope that I will have some cute stuff to share next week----or maybe I will just sit on the couch and eat ice-cream.  Either way I will keep you posted!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back behind the machine.....a little.

I have been on a serious quilting strike lately.  Not on purpose, it has just not been on the top of my to-do list.  After losing the last 3 months down the toilet (literally), I FINALLY got cutting and quilting again---YAY!!!  I took out my scrap box and dug out some of my favorite fabrics.  Many of these pinks and greens were left over from my BUNNY quilt from last year's Cancer Auction.  All of my scraps were little, so I decided on 5 inch squares to start.
Then I went with my old favorite---disappearing 9 patch!!!  I kinda made up my own pattern here....maybe I will share my secrets some day---MAYBE!!
I used white on white flowers for the backing and binding and of course I grid quilted----what else do I EVER DO????  Look close at that binding by the way....I used my magical binding stitch from my PREVIOUS POST......SO MUCH PRETTIER!!!!!

Here is this bright and cheerful little do-dad on my kitchen table.   It kinda reminds me of Spring---even with the weather cooling off these days.
In case you are wondering....this is my new favorite pattern.  I have 1 tablerunner already started with this pattern and 1 in my mind (hope it doesn't get lost in there)--haha!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Binding Miracle!!!

My quilting life changed tonight.  FOREVER!!!!  I always hate binding my quilts because they ALWAYS look a little YUCK!!!  I have tried hand sewing the back and I have attempted to machine sew the binding on.  Either way I am always unhappy with the results.  SOOOO I scowled down at my ugly whip stitches, I decided to GOOGLE IT!!!  And I found a tutorial for a new binding stitch.  LOVE IT!!!  Here is the LINK
If this is how YOU have been sewing on binding.....why the heck did you not share it with me????  If you have been struggling like me.....YOU ARE WELCOME!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010


So my dear little Emersyn chose the winners out of a bowl and guess who it is.......

First Prize---Alea!!!!  You won the polka dot and striped pillowcase for your little sweetie.  Thanks for joining the are my newest follower--YAY!!! (I e-mailed you tonight---I need your address so that I can send your prize). 

2nd Prize---Marilee---Yep Emersyn picked her own gramma out of the bowl:)  She was very fair though and was not looking----promise!!!  BUT that does mean tecnically EMERSYN wins a new pillowcase for use at Grandma Slumber Parties!!!! 

On a sidenote though....I changed the rules a bit...since it is my giveaway and I can do that if I want to!!  Since my mother-in-law won and LOVES the color PURPLE I whipped her up a purple pillowcase tonight and already sent it home with her.  That leaves the cute plaid-ish pillowcase up for grabs.  SOOOOO one of you lucky ladies better check your mail in a few days because it is secretly making its way across the state/country/or world to your doorstep.  SURPRISE!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


SOOOO I may have mentioned that I have been making a few pillowcases lately.  Well....I have not stopped yet.  I made a few more and PRETTY much fell in love with two of them.  I thought about keeping them at our house, but then felt guilty---like I was keeping them away from sick kids.  What is the solution then....a GIVEAWAY of course!!! 
These are the two pillowcases in question...kinda cute huh????  Most of the 10 that I made were pretty girlie, but these MAY be the Girlie-est!!! 
So here is what you do.....
leave a comment on this post and tell me which pillowcase you love the most.  Leave me your e-mail address so that I can let you know if you are the winner.  Just to make things interesting, if you are a follower I MAY drop your name in twice, so you might wanna let me know if you follow my blog (just a suggestion).  That is it!!!!  Leave a comment and possibly get a cutie patootie pillowcase in the mail. 
Even if you don't have a girl in your house, I bet you know one who could use a little gift right?????

***EDIT--This giveaway ends Monday.  Since I am headed to the post office Monday anyway to mail my ConKerr Cancer pillowcases.  So leave a comment while you can:)