Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pillowcase Factory

Have I ever mentioned that when I get something in my mind I cannot quit????   Well I MAY have gone pillowcase crazy yesterday. 
During nap time I cut out 8 more pillowcases---it took about an hour.  I thought that would give me lots to work on until I mailed them off next Monday. 
Then last night I started an assembly line and whipped them on up---it took about 2 hours---plus a few minutes to iron them all nice and straight. 
I am feeling pretty good about 10 pillowcases....that =10 kids with new pillowcases.  Happy Days!!!!
Plus my fabric stash is MUCH smaller (a good thing) and my craft room is a little emptier (a great thing).  I only wish I had more boy fabrics to make some boy cases.  I would run out and buy some but that is NOT in my budget this month.  Maybe next month will be BOY pillowcase month:) 
Here is the LINK to my original ConKerr Cancer Post with all of the info on the pillowcase drive...

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