Monday, September 13, 2010


So my dear little Emersyn chose the winners out of a bowl and guess who it is.......

First Prize---Alea!!!!  You won the polka dot and striped pillowcase for your little sweetie.  Thanks for joining the are my newest follower--YAY!!! (I e-mailed you tonight---I need your address so that I can send your prize). 

2nd Prize---Marilee---Yep Emersyn picked her own gramma out of the bowl:)  She was very fair though and was not looking----promise!!!  BUT that does mean tecnically EMERSYN wins a new pillowcase for use at Grandma Slumber Parties!!!! 

On a sidenote though....I changed the rules a bit...since it is my giveaway and I can do that if I want to!!  Since my mother-in-law won and LOVES the color PURPLE I whipped her up a purple pillowcase tonight and already sent it home with her.  That leaves the cute plaid-ish pillowcase up for grabs.  SOOOOO one of you lucky ladies better check your mail in a few days because it is secretly making its way across the state/country/or world to your doorstep.  SURPRISE!!!!


Alea said...

Yay yay yay! Thanks for the Giveaway! I've checked my emails and I don't seem to have received a message. What is your email so I can send my address to you?

Jessica said...

Alea....Sorry...sometimes I am not the greatest with technology:) My email is