Monday, September 27, 2010

Sewing kids clothes 4

Yesterday I was able to resume my Kids Clothing Week sewing.  Since I missed 3 days, I am gonna have Kids Clothing Week and a half and extend it on until Wednesday.  Just because my To-Do list is still longer than my Christmas List--yikes!!!  I finally finished this little jacket for Em.  The pattern is from Dear My Kids and I sewed along with the group over at From an Igloo.  It was not SUPER hard sewing, but a lot of firsts for me.  I am glad I stuck with it and hope I like it enough on the kiddo to actually have her wear it.
I did everything just like the pattern except I did not make button holes.  I sewed the buttons on and then just added some velcro to close it---I cannot imagine Em standing still for buttons every time we put her coat on----or for 2 seconds consecutively at that. 

The lining is green with little white dots. 

I just had to include a picture of the back because this is the part that caused the most bad words.....lets just say I used my un-picker a little bit.

And that is her little coat.  THE END:)


Rachel said...

Holy Cuteness Jessica!!!!!

Great now I have coat envy, I'm tellin' ya it never stops!!!

Love love love the fabrics!!!

:)Rachel Berry

Ashley Harris said...

This is fabulous Jess!! I found your blog through Lisa (Bleazard) Yearsley's. Love the fabric you used! If you want you can see my blog here:

Kelly said...

LOVE IT. 'Nuf said. :)

Sandy - Kelly's mom said...

Jessica, You are amazing. Being a retired teacher makes me love the apple coat even more. You did a beautiful job. I can't believe the detail on the back!

Lisa said...

I. LOVE. This coat! I love the apples right now and the colors are great! GOOD JOB JESS!!!

Anne K. said...

What a dear, dear, little coat! Absolutely precious!