Thursday, September 23, 2010

KCW Challenge Day #3

We tried out the hoodie today.  NOT SURE on this one.  It is cute, but a little big.  I made a 3T for a 2 year old, but most of her current clothes are 3T.....I think I will make a 2T next time and maybe shorten up the length too.  It is kind of a tunic length hoodie.  The sleeves were UBER long, so we rolled them.  Maybe by next spring it will be a perfect fit:) 
I bribed her with new sidewalk chalk----she was pretty excited!!!!!
I like the contrasting hood and waist band on this pattern.  I think I love EVERY thing about it except the fit---which may be my fault for making it too big.
We will call it a success!!!
I did not get a ton of NEW kid's sewing done because I was trying to finish the stupid binding on this Halloween tablerunner. 
I had some extra Scribble Monster fabric left over from last year so I of course made a disappearing 9 patch runner and I OF COURSE grid quilted it.
It is kinda funky and I am not sure about the colors, but I guess Halloween is kinda funky----so it works.
I found this backing at WalMart and kinda loved it......what are the odds I would find all of the right colors AND spiderwebs?????

So ALL I got accomplished was the outside of this coat for EM.  I hope to get the lining done today, but it is library I may have to sew in the afternoon----un-heard-of!!!!  I REALLY should not say ALL I got accomplished because this jacket kinda kicked my butt----I was soooo flustered I sewed the sleeve on inside out......TWICE!!!!  It better all work out in the end because there have been some words between this little apple coat and ME!!!!  Wish me luck today:)

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