Thursday, September 9, 2010


SOOOO I may have mentioned that I have been making a few pillowcases lately.  Well....I have not stopped yet.  I made a few more and PRETTY much fell in love with two of them.  I thought about keeping them at our house, but then felt guilty---like I was keeping them away from sick kids.  What is the solution then....a GIVEAWAY of course!!! 
These are the two pillowcases in question...kinda cute huh????  Most of the 10 that I made were pretty girlie, but these MAY be the Girlie-est!!! 
So here is what you do.....
leave a comment on this post and tell me which pillowcase you love the most.  Leave me your e-mail address so that I can let you know if you are the winner.  Just to make things interesting, if you are a follower I MAY drop your name in twice, so you might wanna let me know if you follow my blog (just a suggestion).  That is it!!!!  Leave a comment and possibly get a cutie patootie pillowcase in the mail. 
Even if you don't have a girl in your house, I bet you know one who could use a little gift right?????

***EDIT--This giveaway ends Monday.  Since I am headed to the post office Monday anyway to mail my ConKerr Cancer pillowcases.  So leave a comment while you can:)


Natalie said...

Hey Jess, I want to be entered into the giveaway...I think both are very cute, but the pink checker one is probably my favorite! Plus I'm not a follower but I am a stalker. :) So I should get to entries :)

Alea said...

Just found your blog from Someday Crafts... And now I follow! I love both of the pillowcases, but I think the polkadot & stripes one would be cute in my daughter's room. :)

Lisa said...

Hey Jess! Your pillowcases are all so cute! I think the pink plaid is also my fave...and I'm not a follower either, but a stalker, too! ;-)

Connie~ said...

I want to enter your give-a-way!!! I love both of them! Either one... I would use it for a pattern to make all of my grand-daughters one. And I'm a staker too! :)

Marilee said...

Pick me, pick me !
I love everything you make. I have the CUTEST little girl in my life that comes and stays with me sometimes that would love a pretty pillowcase. (When they forget to bring her own pillow) ; )

Kelly said...

Ooh--I hope by "ends on Monday" you mean "the END of Monday!" But if I'm late, you should still know the pink checkered one is Super cute! And you already know that I'm a follower. :) And my e-mail address too.

Rosie said...

Yes I follow.

Yes I want them both.

Can I have them both?

Yes I miss ya.

Even if you won't go to the football game with me.

AmeliaB said...

I'm a new follower...your pillow cases are SO cute! I love the pink plaid one the best. Thank you for the giveaway.