Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Binding Miracle!!!

My quilting life changed tonight.  FOREVER!!!!  I always hate binding my quilts because they ALWAYS look a little YUCK!!!  I have tried hand sewing the back and I have attempted to machine sew the binding on.  Either way I am always unhappy with the results.  SOOOO tonight....as I scowled down at my ugly whip stitches, I decided to GOOGLE IT!!!  And I found a tutorial for a new binding stitch.  LOVE IT!!!  Here is the LINK
If this is how YOU have been sewing on binding.....why the heck did you not share it with me????  If you have been struggling like me.....YOU ARE WELCOME!!!!

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marciekoch said...

I must be a terrible friend. That's how I've been binding all along... Don't hate me!
Seriously though - it gets old too. Trust me. I have a baby quilt that has been waiting over a month to be finished because I procrastinate sewing the binding on for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!!