Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kids Clothing Challenge--Day 2

Clothing SUCCESS!!  Emerysn wanted to try out her new dress and I wanted some pictures, so yesterday worked out well.  We got to try out our new WARHOL DRESS
The fit was great----I wish I had made the neck hole a little smaller, but a shirt underneath (next time one that fits a little better) takes care of that problem.
The directions were simple and well explained.  I would totally try this one out again.  Plus it uses thrifted shirts, so it is cheap (could be free if you have the shirts laying around).
It is comfy and casual enough for an impromptu dance party.
OR making a masterpiece.
SMILES all around for this one. 
Yesterday was a little less productive in the sewing department.  I only completed ONE project and did not get ANYTHING done on my Cute Coat Sew Along----I guess I will have to make up for lost time today----maybe.  This hoodie is also made from thrifted t-shirts.  The pattern is from Lil Blue Boo and worked out great. I cannot wait to try this again with something a little brighter and girlie-ER. 
I cut the button portion off of the old shirt and just sewed it right onto the front of the sweatshirt for at least a little girlie-ness----absolutely NO function.   Wish me luck in today's sewing success!!!! 


Alea said...

I received the pillowcase yesterday. It is so adorable in my little girls' room! My camera is lost, but when I find it (or buy a new one) I will post pictures. Thank you so much!!!

Kelly said...

LOVE the dress, and your model couldn't be cuter! The hoodie is super-cute as well--good work, as usual!

cokotto said...

the dress is soo adorable...n the little sweet girl is super cute!