About Me!!

Who the heck writes this stuff ANYWAY???
Well that would be me.  My name is Jessica and I spend my life in ALMOST complete chaos MOST of the time.  I guess I like it that way.  I am a mother, a crafter,  an ex-English teacher, a thrift store junkie, and a wanna be  perfectionist.  The only problem....I do not have the attention span for perfection DARN IT!!!  I love to over-eat, my floors are not mopped as often as they should be, my college sweatshirt gets worn at least 4 days a week, and my daughter rarely chooses to wear pants around the house.  It is not a magical craft land at MY house....in fact I can barely open the door to my craft-room right now.  I am just a stay at home mom who likes to make things.  Sometimes they work out...and sometimes they have 3 arms!!!  I have no shedule or plan for this blog.  IT just is what it is.  When I make something that I am proud of...sometimes it makes it to the blog.  When I have a random thought that I cannot get out of my head...I blog about it.  This is my little space on the web where I can be ALL ME.  I can write what I want...when I want....AND I LOVE IT!!!