Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Late Night Grocery Shopping

I FINALLY made something.  ON my sewing machine.  It is a crafting MIRACLE.  Now that I have blown the dust off the poor thing (my machine that is), I hope I will be back in the sewing saddle a little bit.  My new goal is to have Ethan's quilt DONE by the time he goes to have his surgery.  2 weeks and counting. 
What did I make.  I cute little bag.  It actually has another is a coupon binder.  YES I have gone to the dark side and made a coupon binder, and shop at 11 at night, and YES I kinda love it now (Emily I blame you).  For years I have been a coupon MOCKER.  One of those pessimistic people who laughs and gets annoyed at people in line with their darn stack of ads and coupons, haggling over the price of salad dressing. And then I tried it =) And I liked it.  THEN I got one of THESE...
and I was hooked.  In case you missed it....that is a total of ZERO!!!
There is nothing like going into a store with your money and coming back out with your groceries AND your money!!! was a slippery slope for a competative person like me and now I have one of these. 

 Because if you are gonna be cheap.... you may as well look good doing it!!! I bought the pattern from Stylin Binders. I thought theirs were super cute and probably would last longer, but I needed a sewing project to jump start my life again.  It was super easy to make...even holding a baby with one arm...ha!
I got the fabric at Hobby Lobby a long time ago.  It was going to be a dress for Emersyn...change of plans.  The fabric is corduroy and super soft and yummy.  I probably should have used home decor heavy duty stuff....but I didn't want to leave the house. 
I took my bag out for a doublers test run last night and it worked like a champ.   The sides are velcro flaps....


It opens right on up on both ends.
And there is all the couponey goodness.  Also a couple of pockets.  HANDY!!!  This would really work for ANY type of binder you carry with you.  If I was still coaching (miss you guys), this would work great for practice.  ANYWAY...I love it!!!
NOW I can get my ZERO total receipts and my Albertsons game pieces (oh yes I do) and put them in my little pocket...close up my binder...and bring it all home safe and sound to show off to the HUBS (who is already asleep on the couch).  Being married to ME is exhausting...I have to admit =)