Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Creations

I made something SUPER cute this week....

No tutorial though:)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another finished quilt....pretty much in love with this one:)

I SOMEHOW managed to finish another quilt....I was on a bit of a time crunch.  This one is for Pink A Night To Remember, which is an auction for Breast Cancer that my Aunt helps put on.  I donated 2 quilts last year, but only managed one baby quilt this year.  Actually I tried to work on a different bigger quilt, but I kinda ruined it....so this is what they got this year.  ANYWAY...
The fabric is one of my favorites, Riley Blake, but I am not sure what it is called.....Delicious is what I call it:)  Is it not super cute boy fabric????  Love it!!!

I grid quilted it....I promise to try free motion again someday.  I did do something a little different this time though.  NO TAPE...I used the little extension do-hickey that goes on my walking foot.  Worked like a charm. 

The backing is my favorite...I pretty much love the stars!!!

It matches baby E's room pretty well....too bad it can't stay there:)  I promise the A is coming soon....it is on order. 
The pattern is from THIS book.  Thanks Marcie!!!  This is the same pattern I used for Baby E's quilt...different fabric though.   If I EVER actually finish it I will share a picture.
This might be my last accomplishment for a while, so I am sitting here enjoying the finish....kinda like I just won a state championship....small things:)

Monday, February 7, 2011

First quilt of 2011

SOOOO.... my computer has been out of commission for a few weeks...YES WEEKS!!! and I have not been able to post, or look at blogs, or even access many of my patterns.  YUCK!!!  But a while back I finished 2011's very first finished quilt.

I made this quilt out of some of the scraps from my vintage linens from THE SHOP.  I really liked some of the colors and patterns in the linens that I had, so I decided to try it out.  I kinda LOVE the way these linens are in a quilt.  Because they are used and washed multiple times, the quilt is THE SOFTEST thing I have ever made.  It is so snuggly and soft. Seriously!!!  
ANYWAY...I used THIS pattern from the Moda Bake Shop.  
I quilted it using masking tape and grid quilting (nothing new there).  Seriously in 2011 I am going to perfect my free motion quilting.  SERIOUSLY!!!! 

The backing fabric is my favorite.  It is SOOO soft.  There is also a strip of "stacked coins" pieced into the back.  I don't usually piece the back, but I liked that little addition. 

Since it is not really a "manly boy" quilt, I didn't think it was quite right for Little Baby E (who will arrive in less than 2 weeks).  SOOO I put it in the Etsy shop.  We shall see if anyone loves it as much as I do:)  I have a few more finished projects to share and a couple little cuties in the works, but I am still getting back into this century and need to go get caught up on some more important computer stuff.....like blog stalking and online shopping:)