Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rockin the Red Shoes

Emersyn has always had a thing for shoes--I think she gets it from me.  She is ALWAYS hauling out my shoes or her dad's shoes and wearing them around.  This morning she was trying REALLY hard to buckle these red beauties.  I could hear her coming down the hall...around the corner....through the living room....and finally slowly but surely she found me in the kitchen. 
"Look Mommy---I Tall!!!!"  I totally cracked up.  What girl doesn't feel good about themselves when they are wearing some high heels???:)

I made Emersyn another recycled skirt.  I realize she doesn't NEED more clothes--and certainly not EVERY day, but it keeps us both entertained.  Speaking of entertaining---YES my kid drinks out of a squirt bottle (all the time).  YES my kid picks her nose (can't make her stop). AND YES I allow her to jump on and OFF my couch.  She has never gotten hurt and she loves it.  AND one more yes--YES her skirt is still a tad big, but at least it will fit her for a while.  That way next year when I have a new hobby and no longer make her ANYTHING, she will still have clothes to wear!! ♥
I started with this fancy wife-beater tank from Old Navy.  I still LOVE it, but it has gotten a little on the short side.  Not a good look for me after I had a kid--ANYWAY....it needed a new life.  So I cut if off, added an elastic waist and of course a ruffle.  It is just perfect for a FANCY GIRLY GIRL who just hapens to only have 1 more month until she is officially a 2 year old.  Watch Out World!!! ♥

Monday, March 29, 2010

Who loves to get things in the mail???  I DO!!!  I knew this was coming, but forgot.  SOOO I was thrilled when Todd brought this little box in.  It had made the trek all the way from WASILLA Alaska.  Not from my BFF Sarah, but from another wonderful Alaskan Momma.  Thanks Connie for having such a fun drawing.
These beauties cheered me up---even though I think they are too darn cute to use:) 
Em and I made some homemade ice-cream for family night treats.  She loves helping and being a big girl. 
This is the happy face when I told her that what we were making was ICE-CREAM!!!!!  YAY:)
I created another pair of pants for Emersyn.  They were supposed to be capri sweats, but are pretty much just "too short" sweats for now.  I know she will grow (they will probably fit by next week at the rate she grows).  We have to roll the top to keep them up, but hey I am still learning the whole sizing thing:)
I used yet another cheerleading shirt that I thought I had to have and then pretty much NEVER wore.  It fit me wierd.  SO I hacked it up and made little pants.  I threw on a little ribbon and called it a day.  I feel like they need something more, but have not figured out what that is yet---they may be a work in progress for a while.
Notice the big ugly bruise on Baby Girl's face.  She face planted into the glass end table on Friday.  Sad for me, but she only cried for about 30 seconds.  She is a tough one!!!!!  I was worried about broken teeth, but the bruise and a scratch on her nose were the only harm done--pheww!!
Here is the catch all smock in action.  It REALLY did work!!! YAY!!! 
Check this out---a pocket full of Mac and Cheese.  Sounds gross, but not as gross as a lap full of Mac and Cheese!!!  So that makes me happy.  I love that she even has a spoon in there---and when I cleaned out the pocket I found the fork too:) 
Now I wish there was a solution for the sticky slimey mess on her face, hands, arms and sleeves--HMMMMM?????
Last but not least---Micheal!!!  Em found her Dad's Micheal Jackson costume and with a little help from him, came trooping downstairs like this---with the glove and all.  Todd kept calling her Blanket----those two are silly together and she LOVES it.  This afternoon she was so mad at me when I came to grab her out of her crib after her nap---she wanted DADDY!!!!  Mondays are hard on both of us when Daddy goes back to work!!!  Well....we made it through another Monday---(sigh of relief) ♥

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fancy Nancy!!

Dang Funny Story:  Em has becom obsessed with stretchy beaded bracelets.  She puts them on--takes them off--on--off---All Day!!!  She played with them all through Sacrament meeting this morning (over an hour) by sharing them with another little girl and then taking them back. ON--OFF--ON--OFF!! OBSESSED:)  Anyway--tonight she was putting them on again except she was stretching them over her head.  SO she had about 10 bracelets around her neck when  it was all said and done.  Todd and I just watched her and laughed and then Todd asked "Hey Emersyn are you an African?"  Em turned around and glared at him and said "No I Frickin!!!"  It just cracked me the heck up. 
I finally got some action shots of Emersyn in one of the skirts I made for her.  It is super fun to see her wearing something--looking cute--and knowing that I made that for her.  It helps that she is stinkin cuter than cute!!!

And AGAIN with the bracelets.  She just cannot get enough of the darn bracelets:)  I think she thinks she is Fancy Nancy sometimes.

I have been in scarf making mode the last few days.  I am trying to make some for my sister for her birthday.  Here is the latest one.
I used this tutorial (sort of) and kinda did my own thing with the measuring.  It was super easy because it has all raw edges.  Since it is made of knit, it wont fray so it can all be left raw---I like that!!!  I liked it so much that I wore it on Saturday:)  I feel the need to try them all out for the two weeks till my sister's birthday--just to make sure they are all accetable!!!  I wouldn't want to give her a faulty scarf---but a dirty scarf I have no problem passing on:) ♥

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Emersyn's new BODY BIB!!!

Emersyn and I have this problem.  She is a DISASTER after she eats and I HATE it.  Her clothes are stained and yucky, her hair is crusty, and I am always doing laundry because she goes through outfits so quick. My biggest problem--her legs.  When she eats her food falls between the tray of her high chair and ALL lands in her lap!!!  SO her legs are always wet and nasty--GROSS!!  I have been trying to come up with a solution and finally decided she needed a VERY long bib.  I found This Tutorial for a kid's art smock and the light bulb went off.  I wanted something more washable than just cotton fabric, so I went to WalMart and bought a plastic tablecloth.
You know the ones with the fuzzy stuff underneath????  I bought the biggest one they had because they were 4 bucks no matter what size, so I decided bigger is ALWAYS better.  More for Less--Right???  I have enough left to make probably 5 more darn bibs, but oh well.
I did not make mine as fancy as hers....
I skipped the steps with the bias tape around the edges and just left raw edges---It is just for getting dirty.  If I make more I might skip the ruffle too---it took longer than the whole rest of the project--cute though.  I also used a tie in the back instead of velcro because I didn't want to dig up my velcro and I thought it might make it harder for Em to rip off---we shall see.  I also left the pocket as ONE big pocket instead of dividing it into two because I thought (hoped) it would catch some of the dropped food and keep it out of Em's lap---pretty good planning HUH????
Plus my model was not as willing to play along as her's.  She would not leave her Guitar Hero Guitar long enough to let me see:)
All in all this was a simple project and the tutorial was great.  You may notice that my neck hole is off center, but other than that, no major catastrophes.  It took less than an hour to make--closer to a half hour.  AND I think this will be perfect for decorating Easter Eggs next week. 
Now all she needs is a rain hat to protect her hair:)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Busy Busy!!

We have been going going going this week it seems.  Tuesday we went out to stay with Gramma June while Mom went to work.  Grandma is getting old and needs a little bit more help these days, so Em and I decided to do a little Gramma Sitting.  Well Grandma wanted to watch a few Soaps, so Em and I headed out to the farm yard.  Em had a blast.  We pulled weeds and picked up leaves and junk out of the yard.  Emersyn was in charge of picking up sticks:)  Then we loaded them and dumped them--dumping was Em's favorite part. 

Ok I lied, riding in the wheelbarrow was her FAVORITE part!!!  It was so nice to do some ACTUAL yard work.  Our yard is totally low maintenance and never needs much done--just mowing.  I could really do some damage at Grandma's though. 

When we were getting ready to leave Grandma June's Emersyn was busy reading the JC Penney catalog.  She would not relinquish it, so it came in the car with us.  I could hear her all the way home----backpacks, shoes, pants, mommy's, diapers (underwear), coats---Get it????  She was listing everything in all of the pictures.  She read the darn thing all the way home.  She found it again this morning and had to pick up where she left off:) 
Today we met Delaney, Colton and Amy at the mall.  The girls have not seen each other in a while and Emersyn could barely wait. ALL MORNING she was talking about Laney.  She misses her friend!!!!
They got some good playing done in the toys at the mall.  I don't think they played TOGETHER at all, but I guess when you are 2 it is fun just to know the other one is around:)

We sure lucked out in the cute kid department!!!
I got a little sewing done in between times.  I found a cute tutorial over here on how to turn a men's polo shirt into a kid's skirt.  I only had one of my old polos, so I also threw in a ripped tank top. 
The blue shirt was from the gap and was OH so very soft.  Sadly it was a pre-baby fit and so was headed out the door.    The skirt is so soft that I wish I had one made out of the yummy fabric.  BUT of course I HAD  a shirt made out of it, so that is a pretty dumb wish!!!  ANYWAY.... 

It turned out pretty cute.  I had to improvise on the tutorial a litte because my shirt was too small--less fabric to work with.  SOOO mine is not quite as ruffley and cute, but I LOVED the idea.  I will now be on the search out for cute polos to cut(e) up!!!

I also got the fabric bug today and headed to JoAnn's.  I picked up some cute fabrics to make scarves for my sister.  Not warm wintery scarves, just the cute trendy kind.  I am not so sure I can pull this look off, but my sister is trendy and cute, so she rocks anything!!!  I used a few tutorials to get this one, but then kinda did my own thing.  I am impressed about the fabric buy though---this was on the clearance pile, so it was only 2 dollars a yard.  I only bought 3/4 of a yard and it was enough to make 2 scarves.  You know what that means??????  That means about 75 cents a scarf AND I think I am gonna keep one for myself.

Just because it makes me happy!!!