Sunday, March 21, 2010


 SOOO quilting has kinda been my thing for the last year or so, but I have not quilted a stitch in at least a week.  Not because I don't still love it, but I just have not had the time because I have been learning about my NEW love--re-purposing.  I am sure some people find it a crazy weird thing to do, but I find making something junky into something GREAT---well GREAT!!!!  AND I cannot stop myself.  Now that I went yard sale-ing this weekend I have plenty of junk to work with too--I can hardly sleep at night thinking about all of the fun things I have to make.  ANYWHOOO, after making Em's smiley face dress, I decided I NEEDED yellow leggings to finish off the outfit.  SO I headed back to blog tutorial world and found THIS great tutorial on making pants out of old t-shirts.  So I went back to the cheer t-shirt I made the belt out of...and made some matching leggings. 
Now I could lie and say I am sad to ruin this cheer shirt, but I have about a hundred shirts from over the years and don't mind losing a few:)  Plus Em looks cuter in her pants than I would have EVER looked in that shirt. 
SO my first foray (is that a word??) into pants making was super easy AND a success.  Now I want leggings in EVERY color---I can never find them at the stores!!!  SOO next week I might need to find some fun old t-shirts at the yard sales and make some more pants.  These took about 35 minutes to make and the tutorial was simple!!!! 
I cut up another of my old t-shirts and made another skirt too.  Now this shirt was still cute, but it had one problem---It was getting smaller AND I WASN'T!!!  SO I used this tutorial again and it was a quick 30 minute transformation. 
Kinda needs some pink leggings--dont ya think??:) 
Obsessed much??  I realize it is a problem, but it has kept me from going shopping OR buying fabric, so I guess there are worse things to be obsessed with---like Mariah Carey.  Anyway clothes are fun and free clothes are funner and getting rid of old clothes is THE FUNNEST!!!


Josh & Jade said...

I LOVE her outfit! Max is growing (finally) and I had forgotten how expensive it is to go out and buy cute, new clothes. So I love your cheaper way of giving Emersyn cute, new clothes!!!! Good job!

The Waters Clan said...

Now we may be talking jess, this sounds like it is right up my alley -- the cheap, reusable part-- not so sure if I am that crafty though