Thursday, March 18, 2010

Copying another mama...

So I saw this cute dress (and tutorial) over at Mama's Spare Time and thought--I could make that.  So I searched through Em's summer shirts and could not find two that I thought would go together.  SOOO I gave up and went grocery shopping.  While at Walmart I whizzed through the kids' clothes and checked out the t-shirts--just in case.  I decided on two red shirts (one plain and one not).  They each cost a total of 3 dollars and so I decided I was back in business. EXCEPT I had to wait until nap time----seriously I was counting down!!! 
 Then I got started and  realized that besides 2 shirts, you also need fabric to make ruffles (I mistakenly thought the ruffles WERE the 2nd shirt).  So I dug through my rubbermaid of extra scrap fabric (YES a whole rubbermaid of just small scraps--don't judge) and came up with a scrap piece of backing fabric from my Cherry Oh quilt.
This is what I started with--2 shirts and my cute cherry fabric---AND a dream---because I really did not know if I could pull this off:)

I sewed the bottom of the red shirt to the top of the sun shirt and thought--cute (I even thought of stopping there).  I decided to go for at least ONE ruffle. I got one sewed on---crooked and decided to try the belt.  I didn't have any fabric to use, so I hit my closet.  I have one yellow cheerleading shirt that is now missing about 4 inches off the bottom.  And THUS the yellow belt.

The belt was crooked, the seams were crooked and I was tired of making ruffles. So I looked at my dress and thought---hmmmm, kinda 80's retro.  After a chocolate granola bar and another look, I decided I would continue on.  SO I added another ruffle...

Once again I thought--Cute and thought about leaving it.  I hate not finishing things that I start though so I added the last darn ruffle.
And THEN I fell in love.  It is cute and fun and happy---JUST LIKE EMERSYN!!!  The tutorial was a good starting point, but now the options are endless.  I have now grabbed a bunch of Em's shirts out of her closet and am ready to get sewing:)  It wasn't TOO frugal since I used brand new shirts, but you could grab a shirt with a stain and cut the bad part off OR only use one new shirt.  Seriously I have visions of little dresses dancing in my head. SOOOO 6 dollars later I have a cute summer dress and half of a red shirt (still thinking about what to do with that one).  Not to shabby!!!  PLUS as an added bonus--I was just pulling out the last of the gathering threads when I heard my little darling wake up.
She was NOT feeling fun and happy and cute though and didn't wanna model her new dress.  I guess a little cuddle is enough thanks from a 2 year old:)


Countrylivn' said...

SEW cute! You look cute too, I love your bangs! Dont you just love blogging, I feel like I have so many blogging BFF's. Who needs real friends when you can have virtual ones right.....OK maybe a little to far.....Cute anyway!

Jenn Davidson said...

OH GOSH! I love those dresses! I hope I am like an ounce as creative as you are when I have kids! ha... good things i have a long time to prep for that

mamassparetime said...

I feel so honored to be copied :)
It turned out really cute. I love the prints with the stripes. I frequently get upset if things look a little crooked, but I now realize most of the time when my daughter wears stuff, you can't tell if it was a little off.