Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fancy Nancy!!

Dang Funny Story:  Em has becom obsessed with stretchy beaded bracelets.  She puts them on--takes them off--on--off---All Day!!!  She played with them all through Sacrament meeting this morning (over an hour) by sharing them with another little girl and then taking them back. ON--OFF--ON--OFF!! OBSESSED:)  Anyway--tonight she was putting them on again except she was stretching them over her head.  SO she had about 10 bracelets around her neck when  it was all said and done.  Todd and I just watched her and laughed and then Todd asked "Hey Emersyn are you an African?"  Em turned around and glared at him and said "No I Frickin!!!"  It just cracked me the heck up. 
I finally got some action shots of Emersyn in one of the skirts I made for her.  It is super fun to see her wearing something--looking cute--and knowing that I made that for her.  It helps that she is stinkin cuter than cute!!!

And AGAIN with the bracelets.  She just cannot get enough of the darn bracelets:)  I think she thinks she is Fancy Nancy sometimes.

I have been in scarf making mode the last few days.  I am trying to make some for my sister for her birthday.  Here is the latest one.
I used this tutorial (sort of) and kinda did my own thing with the measuring.  It was super easy because it has all raw edges.  Since it is made of knit, it wont fray so it can all be left raw---I like that!!!  I liked it so much that I wore it on Saturday:)  I feel the need to try them all out for the two weeks till my sister's birthday--just to make sure they are all accetable!!!  I wouldn't want to give her a faulty scarf---but a dirty scarf I have no problem passing on:) ♥

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Amma Mae said...

Love the african She is a constant crack up ! So hard to believe she is only a month away from being 2. : )