Thursday, March 25, 2010

Emersyn's new BODY BIB!!!

Emersyn and I have this problem.  She is a DISASTER after she eats and I HATE it.  Her clothes are stained and yucky, her hair is crusty, and I am always doing laundry because she goes through outfits so quick. My biggest problem--her legs.  When she eats her food falls between the tray of her high chair and ALL lands in her lap!!!  SO her legs are always wet and nasty--GROSS!!  I have been trying to come up with a solution and finally decided she needed a VERY long bib.  I found This Tutorial for a kid's art smock and the light bulb went off.  I wanted something more washable than just cotton fabric, so I went to WalMart and bought a plastic tablecloth.
You know the ones with the fuzzy stuff underneath????  I bought the biggest one they had because they were 4 bucks no matter what size, so I decided bigger is ALWAYS better.  More for Less--Right???  I have enough left to make probably 5 more darn bibs, but oh well.
I did not make mine as fancy as hers....
I skipped the steps with the bias tape around the edges and just left raw edges---It is just for getting dirty.  If I make more I might skip the ruffle too---it took longer than the whole rest of the project--cute though.  I also used a tie in the back instead of velcro because I didn't want to dig up my velcro and I thought it might make it harder for Em to rip off---we shall see.  I also left the pocket as ONE big pocket instead of dividing it into two because I thought (hoped) it would catch some of the dropped food and keep it out of Em's lap---pretty good planning HUH????
Plus my model was not as willing to play along as her's.  She would not leave her Guitar Hero Guitar long enough to let me see:)
All in all this was a simple project and the tutorial was great.  You may notice that my neck hole is off center, but other than that, no major catastrophes.  It took less than an hour to make--closer to a half hour.  AND I think this will be perfect for decorating Easter Eggs next week. 
Now all she needs is a rain hat to protect her hair:)

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