Saturday, March 20, 2010

Meet Emersyn's new big girl bed!!

Emersyn and I rang in the first day of spring with YARD SALES!!!  We woke up bored and ready for some cheap stuff, so we loaded up and headed out with nothing major in mind.  On my way home I passed one last lone little sign and looked up (while talking to Amy on the phone) and noticed a toddler bed.  So I went back to scope it out---not really sure if I even wanted or needed a toddler bed.  It is pretty scraped up--I think maybe the kid chewed on the side boards, but I only paid 20 bucks for it, so I can handle some sanding and painting.  For now it is living in my garage with a million other baby items--on the side where Todd is SUPPOSE to park--Ha Ha!!  The bed is from Pottery Barn and is super sturdy AND the best part....
...It matches her bedroom furniture.

It is kinda hard to tell in the pictures, but her crib and dresser have the same paneling that the new bed has---super excited about that!!!  Em is still gonna stick to her crib for a while because she has never even tried to climb out and I am not ready for her to be free yet, but when she does make the escape---her new bed awaits (after I fix it up of course).
I got a few other fun items, but nothing major.  I DID find a few things that I am ready to Re-Fashion for Em and a shirt that I have plans to make-over.  If they turn out, I will share them.  If they don't I will not post about it and throw them away:)
I did buy some totally useless John Deere Cowboy boots.  I realize that I do not have a boy, but maybe some day I WILL and stinkin boots are usually expensive.  These were only 50 cents and too hard to pass up.  I guess if I have more girls down the line they will either wear green boots OR I will sell them at my own yard sale. 

I cannot wait to hit up some more yard sales--maybe next week:)  Happy Spring Everyone!!! 


marciekoch said...

cute bed! great find! we should go yard saleing together sometime this spring. i think i'll have some free time on my hands now?! :)

Josh & Jade said...

Congrats to you on finding super sweet deals!!! Max has two pairs of John Deere boats and they were atleast $25. Girls can where green boats too! I think you got me in the mood to go hit the yard sales next weekend!

Connie~ said...

Jessica, you won, hope on over to my blog!