Monday, March 15, 2010

reading reading reading:)

The other morning I could hear Em over the monitor talking to herself back in her bedroom.  It went on for a while and so I grabbed the camara and headed back to see what she was up to.  She had gone upstairs and grabbed her favorite dolly.  This is actaully a doll that my Grandma June made for me when I was a kid, but Em has claimed her and is always going upstairs to get her.  ANYWAY...she had brought her down and was rocking her and reading her stories. She would even show dolly the pictures and point to things for her---SO CUTE!!! 
I thought once she saw me the game would be over, but she REALLY wanted to read her "bibary books" so I left her alone.  She read ALL of her books to dolly and kept herself busy for a good half hour.  This girl LOVES her books. 
I ALSO love my books.  I finally found a good one.  THE WHITE QUEEN by Philippa Gregory.  I LOVED her book THE OTHER BOLYN GIRL, but have not really liked her other books as much.  I really liked this one.  It was a story I did not know anything about--which is scary since I was a History teacher:)  It is about Elizabeth Woodville who married King Edward of England.  They actually had a marriage of love and had more than 10 kids together.  Their reign as King and Queen was crazy though because he won the crown during the War of the Roses and the country was still at war.  The Yorks and Lancasters are fighting throughout the whole book and they gain and lose the crown, fight for the inhertance of their kids, and battle on many fronts.  Their two sons are the poor lost Princes who disappear from the Tower of London--never to be found again. It is a great story.  This is finally a book I can totally recommend:)
On a totally different note, why does dinner ALWAYS end up like THIS????  I thought she would grow out of this, but NOPE!!!  AND could she be any happier about her filthiness????

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Kelly said...

She is soooo cute! I wish that when my boy was giggling and chatting with himself it was because he was reading books and not because he was dropping random things from the bathroom drawers into the toilet! Oh well--you win some and you lose some. :) I'm so reading The White Queen when I'm done with the one I'm getting from the library. Can't wait!