Monday, March 29, 2010

Who loves to get things in the mail???  I DO!!!  I knew this was coming, but forgot.  SOOO I was thrilled when Todd brought this little box in.  It had made the trek all the way from WASILLA Alaska.  Not from my BFF Sarah, but from another wonderful Alaskan Momma.  Thanks Connie for having such a fun drawing.
These beauties cheered me up---even though I think they are too darn cute to use:) 
Em and I made some homemade ice-cream for family night treats.  She loves helping and being a big girl. 
This is the happy face when I told her that what we were making was ICE-CREAM!!!!!  YAY:)
I created another pair of pants for Emersyn.  They were supposed to be capri sweats, but are pretty much just "too short" sweats for now.  I know she will grow (they will probably fit by next week at the rate she grows).  We have to roll the top to keep them up, but hey I am still learning the whole sizing thing:)
I used yet another cheerleading shirt that I thought I had to have and then pretty much NEVER wore.  It fit me wierd.  SO I hacked it up and made little pants.  I threw on a little ribbon and called it a day.  I feel like they need something more, but have not figured out what that is yet---they may be a work in progress for a while.
Notice the big ugly bruise on Baby Girl's face.  She face planted into the glass end table on Friday.  Sad for me, but she only cried for about 30 seconds.  She is a tough one!!!!!  I was worried about broken teeth, but the bruise and a scratch on her nose were the only harm done--pheww!!
Here is the catch all smock in action.  It REALLY did work!!! YAY!!! 
Check this out---a pocket full of Mac and Cheese.  Sounds gross, but not as gross as a lap full of Mac and Cheese!!!  So that makes me happy.  I love that she even has a spoon in there---and when I cleaned out the pocket I found the fork too:) 
Now I wish there was a solution for the sticky slimey mess on her face, hands, arms and sleeves--HMMMMM?????
Last but not least---Micheal!!!  Em found her Dad's Micheal Jackson costume and with a little help from him, came trooping downstairs like this---with the glove and all.  Todd kept calling her Blanket----those two are silly together and she LOVES it.  This afternoon she was so mad at me when I came to grab her out of her crib after her nap---she wanted DADDY!!!!  Mondays are hard on both of us when Daddy goes back to work!!!  Well....we made it through another Monday---(sigh of relief) ♥

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Josh & Jade said...

Max has been getting hurt too lately. He came out of nursery with a bloody nose. :) I love Blanket's outfit! hehehe daddies are funny.