Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rockin the Red Shoes

Emersyn has always had a thing for shoes--I think she gets it from me.  She is ALWAYS hauling out my shoes or her dad's shoes and wearing them around.  This morning she was trying REALLY hard to buckle these red beauties.  I could hear her coming down the hall...around the corner....through the living room....and finally slowly but surely she found me in the kitchen. 
"Look Mommy---I Tall!!!!"  I totally cracked up.  What girl doesn't feel good about themselves when they are wearing some high heels???:)

I made Emersyn another recycled skirt.  I realize she doesn't NEED more clothes--and certainly not EVERY day, but it keeps us both entertained.  Speaking of entertaining---YES my kid drinks out of a squirt bottle (all the time).  YES my kid picks her nose (can't make her stop). AND YES I allow her to jump on and OFF my couch.  She has never gotten hurt and she loves it.  AND one more yes--YES her skirt is still a tad big, but at least it will fit her for a while.  That way next year when I have a new hobby and no longer make her ANYTHING, she will still have clothes to wear!! ♥
I started with this fancy wife-beater tank from Old Navy.  I still LOVE it, but it has gotten a little on the short side.  Not a good look for me after I had a kid--ANYWAY....it needed a new life.  So I cut if off, added an elastic waist and of course a ruffle.  It is just perfect for a FANCY GIRLY GIRL who just hapens to only have 1 more month until she is officially a 2 year old.  Watch Out World!!! ♥


Countrylivn' said...

OH! I love this one! and cute shoes too!

Amma Mae said...

Love all the clothes you are making for her ! She is such a little character. I love the Steeler sweats and the red shoes...lol Definitely a classic look. : )