Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Busy Busy!!

We have been going going going this week it seems.  Tuesday we went out to stay with Gramma June while Mom went to work.  Grandma is getting old and needs a little bit more help these days, so Em and I decided to do a little Gramma Sitting.  Well Grandma wanted to watch a few Soaps, so Em and I headed out to the farm yard.  Em had a blast.  We pulled weeds and picked up leaves and junk out of the yard.  Emersyn was in charge of picking up sticks:)  Then we loaded them and dumped them--dumping was Em's favorite part. 

Ok I lied, riding in the wheelbarrow was her FAVORITE part!!!  It was so nice to do some ACTUAL yard work.  Our yard is totally low maintenance and never needs much done--just mowing.  I could really do some damage at Grandma's though. 

When we were getting ready to leave Grandma June's Emersyn was busy reading the JC Penney catalog.  She would not relinquish it, so it came in the car with us.  I could hear her all the way home----backpacks, shoes, pants, mommy's, diapers (underwear), coats---Get it????  She was listing everything in all of the pictures.  She read the darn thing all the way home.  She found it again this morning and had to pick up where she left off:) 
Today we met Delaney, Colton and Amy at the mall.  The girls have not seen each other in a while and Emersyn could barely wait. ALL MORNING she was talking about Laney.  She misses her friend!!!!
They got some good playing done in the toys at the mall.  I don't think they played TOGETHER at all, but I guess when you are 2 it is fun just to know the other one is around:)

We sure lucked out in the cute kid department!!!
I got a little sewing done in between times.  I found a cute tutorial over here on how to turn a men's polo shirt into a kid's skirt.  I only had one of my old polos, so I also threw in a ripped tank top. 
The blue shirt was from the gap and was OH so very soft.  Sadly it was a pre-baby fit and so was headed out the door.    The skirt is so soft that I wish I had one made out of the yummy fabric.  BUT of course I HAD  a shirt made out of it, so that is a pretty dumb wish!!!  ANYWAY.... 

It turned out pretty cute.  I had to improvise on the tutorial a litte because my shirt was too small--less fabric to work with.  SOOO mine is not quite as ruffley and cute, but I LOVED the idea.  I will now be on the search out for cute polos to cut(e) up!!!

I also got the fabric bug today and headed to JoAnn's.  I picked up some cute fabrics to make scarves for my sister.  Not warm wintery scarves, just the cute trendy kind.  I am not so sure I can pull this look off, but my sister is trendy and cute, so she rocks anything!!!  I used a few tutorials to get this one, but then kinda did my own thing.  I am impressed about the fabric buy though---this was on the clearance pile, so it was only 2 dollars a yard.  I only bought 3/4 of a yard and it was enough to make 2 scarves.  You know what that means??????  That means about 75 cents a scarf AND I think I am gonna keep one for myself.

Just because it makes me happy!!!


Countrylivn' said...

You can totally pull off that scarf! Look how cute you are! I am so wanting to do some re-purposing after seeing all of the cuteness you have been creating! Way to go, you are SO GREEN!

marciekoch said...

I love love love the scarf!!!

John and Karie said...

You are so talented. and not to mention super cute. love the scarf on ya!

John and Karie said...

You are so talented. and not to mention super cute. love the scarf on ya!