Friday, March 19, 2010

I just can't stop myself

Is anyone sick of looking at pictures of my t-shirt dresses???  I just cannot stop making them.  Last summer I loaded up on short sleeve t-shirts and I just keep getting ideas.  Now Ya'll know I am a copy cat.  I cannot figure things out on my own---here is the blog where it all started--Mama's Spare Time.  I used her ideas and my new found love of RUFFLES and a few things I had around the house. 
I started with....
one of Em's t-shirts, an old stained onesie, and a piece of white leftover quilting fabric.  I was pretty pumped about this one because the tag was still on the shirt---$1.50 from Children's Place Outlet.  The shirt was cute, but nothing we could not live without.

I like it better all ruffled up.  This was by far the easiest transformation so far.  AND it would have only taken about an hour, but I had a few problems.  First, I sewed the skirt on inside out--bummer.  Then I kept running out of white ruffles.  I used EVERY spare ounce of fabric on the onesie in order to get two full ruffles.  I could have just used some more of the fabric from the skirt, but I wanted it to be t-shirt material like the blue stripe.  So for $1.50 I got rid of a junky onesie, cleared out some useless fabric and got a darn cute little dress.  Em was asleep already when I finished, so I just have to imagine her cute little piggy tails sticking out of the top:)

My next Re-fashion idea came from this wonderful blog--Sew Much Ado.  She has a tutorial to make a SIMPLE cute little girls skirt out of an old t-shirt.  Trust me---THIS IS EASY!!!  When I saw this tutorial I said...
"Husband---can you go through your t-shirts and give me the ones that you don't wear anymore??" (simple enough request--right?)  Well after another try and some eye rolling--by both of us--I decided to check out my own closet.  I struck out and then headed out to my GoodWill box.  I found this tank top and thought I had struck gold.  It was perfect for what I wanted. 
I used this tutorial to make this old wal-mart shirt into a cute little skirt for Em.  I am not sure when she is going to wear all of these new things, but oh well:)
Obviously no ruffles on this one, but I still kinda love it.  It was SUPER simple and took MAYBE 20 minutes.  And on top of all of that---IT WAS FREE!!!  Can't beat Cute---unless you have Cute AND Free ♥


Sew Much Ado said...

So cute! I love the stripes on the bottom of the skirt, you used the perfect shirt! I'd love it if you added some photos to our Sew Much Ado Flickr Pool, everyone would love to see it! Here's the link:

Mamas Spare Time said...

Isn't it so fun to use things around the house and repurpose them into something so unique and different. The dress turned out very cute! I love the colors.