Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back behind the machine.....a little.

I have been on a serious quilting strike lately.  Not on purpose, it has just not been on the top of my to-do list.  After losing the last 3 months down the toilet (literally), I FINALLY got cutting and quilting again---YAY!!!  I took out my scrap box and dug out some of my favorite fabrics.  Many of these pinks and greens were left over from my BUNNY quilt from last year's Cancer Auction.  All of my scraps were little, so I decided on 5 inch squares to start.
Then I went with my old favorite---disappearing 9 patch!!!  I kinda made up my own pattern here....maybe I will share my secrets some day---MAYBE!!
I used white on white flowers for the backing and binding and of course I grid quilted----what else do I EVER DO????  Look close at that binding by the way....I used my magical binding stitch from my PREVIOUS POST......SO MUCH PRETTIER!!!!!

Here is this bright and cheerful little do-dad on my kitchen table.   It kinda reminds me of Spring---even with the weather cooling off these days.
In case you are wondering....this is my new favorite pattern.  I have 1 tablerunner already started with this pattern and 1 in my mind (hope it doesn't get lost in there)--haha!!

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