Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dirty Little Secrets...

Meet my WIP basket.  We have not been on speaking terms lately, but I have decided to give him another chance.  Poor guy is overflowing with un-finished projects, mending, ironing, partialy sewn pieces of clothing, pants with no buttons...YOU NAME IT.  I have officially decided to DE-clutter my life a bit.  I got rid of TONS of un-used fabric and notions, I have re-organized my craft room, and I am ready to get the mess under control. 
STARTING with THIS darn basket!!!! 
 First on the list....pillowcases.  A few months back my Mia-Maid girls sewed up some pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer. It is  a great organization that gives cute handmade pillowcases to children undergoing cancer treatments.  ANYWHO...a few of the girls did not finish and a bunch of the donated fabric was cut and ready to sew.....SO I took it upon myself to finish them on up.   
 It took a night of mid-night sewing, but I FINISHED.  The girls had made 4 and I finished up theirs and made 11 more.  We had already sent off 6 from our first go around.  THAT makes 21 of these little cuties that are going to be out there helping cute little kids to feel better.
 It is a WIN WIN.  I get to mark something off my TO-DO list AND help.  I used THIS pattern from MADE and still love simple and easy. 
Now I have to get myself off to the post office before another 4 months has come and gone!!
 Anybody else have a BIG fat basket full of dirty little secrets???? 

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Connie~ said...

It must be the time of year. My mom just sent all our kids and g-kids new homemade pillow cases!