Monday, August 29, 2011

Baby Board Shorts

You know when you have waited until the very last minute for something and then you FINALLY get it finished???  That feeling of relief and accomplishment???  I ALMOST have that right now.  If only summer was not almost over and my baby board shorts were not a LITTLE bit too late.  BUMMER-IFIC!!!!  Oh well.  For one more sunny day Baby Boy can look cute:)  Anyway.  I am still trying to empty out my WIP basket.  I AM NOT GIVING UP!!!! 
Not a great picture of Ethan, but the only view of his shorts that half way turned out.  I cannot believe how hard it is to take a picture of a kid who ONLY wants to learn to crawl.  Wiggle Wiggle WIGGLE!!!!   ANYWAY...When I was in bandana short making mode at the beginning of the summer, I whipped up these little baby board shorts. I saw this bandana and thought...BOARD SHORTS!!!   I hve more of these bandanas and had hoped to make Em a matching bandana skirt, but NOT GONNA HAPPEN THIS SUMMER.  Besides that....BABY boy never got to enjoy his shorts because they sat in the bottom of THE BASKET waiting for the shirt to go with it. 
 I used the 90 minute shirt tutorial from MADE and it only took my 90 DAYS!!!!  Oh well.  I completed it..that is what counts right???  I liked the pattern and hope to make many more of those some day.  NOT TODAY THOUGH!!!

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Mikaela said...

Super cute baby and shorts! He is getting so big. :) Also, I had to comment because I looked to the left, saw your etsy shop fabrics and had to smile. As a kid, we had the Ragedy Ann an Andy sheets. We even had matching comforters and my mom even made some wall hangings for the wall! :) Thanks for a memory I'd forgotten about.