Friday, August 5, 2011

HOW TO: cut a watermelon

Now I know this seems like a silly thing to post about...AND IT IS.  BUT it blew my mind and made me WANT to buy a watermelon.  Usually I am at the store and WANT to eat watermelon, but DON'T want to deal with the mess.  Sticky floor, sticky cutting board, juice EVERYWHERE.  NOT WORTH IT!!!
But yesterday my dad brought over a watermelon (how can you resist free produce???) and I did't wanna waste it.  SOOO I tried to think of a less messy way to cut it.  Go outside....good, but still a mess out there.  Cut into slices and eat it out of the rind....not doable for a 3 year old.  THEN I had one of those moments.  You know the ones like Oprah always talks about???  I was like AH HAH!! I've got it!!!  Now you may have had this moment years ago...if so ....good for you.   BUT if you, like me, have been avoiding sticky melons for the sake of laziness, this is the AH HAH you have been waiting for.
You simply have to cut the stupid thing on a towel.  Then all of the sticky juice drips on the towel and NOT all over your counters and floors. 
Did I just blow your mind???  I hope so!!!  Totally changed my life.   I even drove by a fruit stand today and thought...hey maybe I should stop and pick up a watermelon....and maybe even a Honeydew.....endless fruity possibilities....  :)
Happy Summer Ya'll!!!

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Connie~ said...

I love you! You make me laugh!