Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hitting the Books!!

I finally got back into the reading groove this month after a LONG time away.  I have started off strong though with a few good ones.  The last two books I read I REALLY REALLY enjoyed.  They are right up my alley actually. Love stories that take place during WWII.  Just so you know...that SCREAMS Jessica :)
This is a 3 book Christian series called THE WINGS OF GLORY by Sarah Sundin. I have read the first two so far.  Book 1, A DISTANT MELODY, is about a very wealthy girl (Allie) who is engaged to her father's business partner(unhappily) when she meets a military pilot (Wally) at her friend's wedding.  They hit it off and she "forgets" to mention her boyfriend.  They write back and forth from the war and each tells lies to the other and to their friends and family.  They both get caught in multiple lies and have to sort through to the truth. I kinda loved it...not gonna lie.

Book 2, A MEMORY BETWEEN US,  continues on with Wally's brother (Jack) now being the main character.  He is a pilot in the war and gets shot.  He meets Ruth, a nurse in the hospital who REFUSES to date.  She is an orphan who is working hard to send her money home to her siblings so that they can stay out of the orphanage.  She does not want the distraction of dating, plus she has some horrible things from her past that keep her from making friends or having relationships.  Although Jack takes it slow to try to win over Ruth, he cannot compete with her terrible memories.  He has his own demons to get past, AND is trying to make the decision about whether to become a preacher when he returns home.  Drama Drama Drama.  I am ready to read book 3 about the 3rd brother.  It is called...
BLUE SKIES TOMORROW.  I love the mixture of History and Fiction.  I cannot get enough of WWII.  I know it was a horrible time, but it sure makes for some good reading:) 
 I am off to the library website to reserve book 3!!!

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