Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fact OR Fiction???

I have never been a big fan of non-fiction.  I am more of a historical fiction kinda gal.  BUT the whole fiction thing takes a bit of time and a few more brain cells than I have available at the moment.  I need something that you can jump in and out of and skip around in. PLUS I kinda like this little thing called LEARNING.  So I have started to check out a few non-fiction books from the library.  
I started with BABY LOVE by Norah O'Donnell and Chef Geoff Tracy.  This book was a good start for me to begin learning about making homemade baby food.  It DID have a few good recipes and tips, but it also had stuff that was WAY beyond me.  Like Baby Couscous.  When my kid is ready to eat couscous, I will probably just feed my kid what I have made us for dinner.  PLUS I don't even know what Flaxseed is, probably not going to figure it out just to make some yummy apple pie like baby food.  Just my opinion.  I am not a chef. I would have rather had more BASIC recipes...just my opinion.  Overall good information though...

   Next up, THE ONE MINUTE CLEANER by Donna Smallin.  It claims to give you 500 tips for cleaning smarter and not harder.  I need all the tips I can get.  This was a quick read.  Just brief little snipits about cleaning.  Perfect for reading while feeding the baby or during a 5 minute break from....feeding the baby again;)  It had great info about alternative cleaners and different ways to lift stains and odors.  It also gave some good tips on getting your house cleaner and more organized so that it is EASIER to clean.  Who doesn't want that??  I plan to read her other book...THE ONE MINUTE ORGANIZER....sounds like someone we need to hire at our house.

Next on the agenda, Real simple SOLUTIONS.  I love this magazine, so when I spotted the book I grabbed it right off the shelf.  I REALLY love the photos.  So clean and lovely.  This book (and the magazine) has great little tips for organizing and cleaning.  Actually solutions for to clean your hairbrush...the best way to ripen tomatos....easy decorating name it.  I also love that the pictures explain the process....easy and fun to look at.  This book really reads like a magazine.  I recommend!!
And last, 365 Activities You And Your Toddler Will Love.  This was one of those books where you think....I know how to play with my kid...I don't need a book.  AND you are right.  BUT this book did have some fun little activities that I will try.  Like songs with hand motions.   Or little craft ideas that I would not have done.  It is always nice to have a new fun idea floating around up there.  PLUS it is a good reminder to ACTUALLY do things with your little ones besides feed them, bathe them, and watch Dragon Tales with them.  I would say this book is geared more towards younger toddlers, 12 months to 2 years, but it did have some good activities and simple science experiments that would work with those crazy 3 year olds too. 
Happy Reading (and learning)!!

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