Saturday, August 13, 2011


 At least 2 years ago I bought this cute little retro cowgirl outfit at a yard sale.  I thought it was kinda throw back Dolly Parton or something.  Plus little girls can get away with wearing totally ridiculous fringe and horse head shirts.  Now at the time my little girlie was barely ONE and this was a TWO year old outfit, but I figured SOMEDAY my little girl would be a cowgirl...but it just never happened.  The fairs here are all during the summer and too hot for long sleeves and no other occassion warrented a fringy horse head.  SOOO this cute little number hung in the closet and got smaller and smaller.  BUMMER.  Well the other day a huge haul of thrifted clothes and a FULL closet required some mid-SUMMER cleaning, so I decided to discard all of the too smalls hanging out in Emersyn's closet.  I decided the horsies---no matter how cute---had to go.  Then I had AN IDEA....I have pretty much shortened the sleeves on every hoodie and sweater I own....WHY NOT A SHIRT???  What could it hurt??????
SOOOO here you have it....
The process was a little bit different, but the idea is the same.  First I unpicked the arm from the shirt.  I think if you had a regular cuff you could do EXACTLY like a sweatshirt, but I needed to salvage my cute cuff.  Once the sleeve was off, I cut the TOP of the sleeve.  I just free handed it...but make sure to copy the SHAPE of the top of the sleeve.  You need the curve to make the sleeve look right.  Make sure you use the cut sleeve as a pattern for cutting the 2nd sleeve so that they are the same length....which is always a good idea:)
Then i just followed the steps from SHORTENING a hoodie sleeve.  Which are....
1. turn your shirt inside out. 
2.  put your sleeve (right side out) inside the arm hole.  This should put them RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER)
3.  Then line up the seams for the under arm and pin. Make sure that these seams line up...otherwise your arm-pit looks WONKY.  You don't want a HOMEMADE looking arm-pit!!!!  ALSO line up the middle of the top of the sleeve and then middle of the top of the arm hole and pin. 
4.  Pin all the way around. Your sleeve may not be the same size as your hole....just evenly disperse the fabric and pin well.  I left all of my extra at the top of the sleeve and made little pleats on the shoulder.
5.  Sew around the sleeve hole.
6.  Flip it right side out and enjoy!!!! 

I was so happy that this worked out. The shirt was perfect for a COWGIRL night at the fair!!!    That is just how my Cowgirl poses these days...not sure why, but you get a pretty good view of her sleeve..haha!!!
I would really recommend measuring how much to cut off.  I was on the safe side and didn't have my Cowgirl handy....I could have for sure gone a bit shorter.  But that didn't stop her and her bestie from having a fun old time at the fair!!!

She got in some good practice on her Rodeo Queen wave during her PONY RIDE. Seriously..what could be better than riding a pony IN a pony shirt?????  Nothing cuter that is for sure!!!

I think this NEW way of shortening sleeves will be great for me.  I have short stubby arms, so long sleeves never fit me quite right.  PLUS I like 3/4 better than long I will have to start QUARTERING I guess. 

Here is the whole HANDY family.  Don't feel bad for BABY BOY not having a COWBOY outfit...He had just already POOPED OUT his overalls.  Just so you know we are EQUAL opportunity with our Cowboy/girl attire over here;)

Happy "shortening" Ya'll.  Just a can be exhausting being so cute and prepared!!!!


G-ma Marilee said...

Very cute outfit on that pretty little cowgirl! : )

Andersen said...

I loved her outfit!! She looked super cute today. Sorry I scared Ethan. I think I need to respect people's space a little more. :) You are so handy with the sewing machine. I think I need to try something other than a jean quilt. You have been inspiring me to get off my lazy rear and do something productive!