Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just makin' a little baby food....SERIOUSLY;)

OK.   So I admit that I am making some strange (for me) choices lately.  People who know me well may be thinking...WTH???  Who is this lady and where did my Jessica go???  I am still in there somewhere, I am just....making some changes.  Some good, some bad, some I DON'T know yet.  But hey...change is change RIGHT???

SOOO one of those changes came when I started to THINK about buying baby food again.  I have recenly started couponing (another of my bizzaro world moments), and the thought of spending ALL of that money on baby food again made me a little sick to my stomach.  That was STEP ONE.
THEN I went to a yard sale and picked up one of these for 3 bucks.  Who doesn't love to core, peel, and slice their apple all at once???  That was STEP 2.  

Then I checked THIS book out of the library.  It was just sitting on the shelf looking at me.   WHY NOT????  It had some good info on making your own baby food, and a good starting point.  YOU GUESSED IT....Step 3. 

Finally I did some online research and decided.  WHY NOT try it.  I had fresh veggies and fruits around, so I jumped right in.  I started with carrots and apples because that is what I had in my fridge.   
Check out these little beauties.  That is pure carrot-ey goodness....fresh from the freezer. 

It doesn't hurt that it is fresh and I know exactly what is in it, but the main difference is the price.  I used 5 carrots and got a whole ice cube tray of puree.  That should last us a while since Little E just started eating solids.  I also used 5 apples and got 2 trays worth.  I am not sure how long the apples will last...Little E SCARFED them down yesterday and again today.  I guess I am good at cooking SOMETHING:)
SOOOO I know it is hard to believe....but I now have little baggies of baby food in my freezer.....made by me.  It only took a few minutes (even holding an 18 pound crying kiddo) and was SUPER easy.  I guess I have something new to add to my Mommy Resume.....Official Baby Food Maker!!!!

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