Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Misc. Mish Mash

Today was a stay at home day.  Emersyn and I hung out and played and enjoyed the good weather.  Before we headed outside for HOURS I managed to accomplish a few crafties.  I have decided that this month is a FINISH it month.  I have sooooo many projects swimming around in my head and so many supplies sitting and waiting to be used.  SOOO I am gonna try to use what I have and finish some projects before I buy anything new---We shall see:)   Today I cut into my stash of felt and made a few hair clips for Emersyn. 

I improvised on the red and white and the purple round flowers---kind of a make it up as you go thing.  I like the purple the most, the red is still growing on me.
Then for the red dots---Em has a red and white polka dot dress that needed some fancy nancy style.  I just cut different size circles (sort of) and hot glued them together. 
For the purple and green flowers I used this tutorial.  I need a few more practices, but I liked the idea of them.  They were a little too much work though for me.  I am not sure if I have it in me JUST for some bows:)
I also tried to make Emersyn a sticker book using THIS tutorial.  Tried is the important word here.  The tutorial was good, the idea was great, there were just tooooo darn many steps.  I am too lazy for SOOOO much effort.  I followed most of the instructions and it just kept getting worse and worse.  If anybody tries the tutorial here is my recommendation....cover ALL of the pages with scrapbook paper.  I only did the cover and then when I got all of the freezer paper on I could see ALL of the pictures through the paper--really ugly and tacky.  I didn't even finish it because I did not want to waste my ribbon.  SOOOO I thought of an easier way to do it with fewer steps.  I decided to just cut freezer paper the size I wanted and folded it together like a book.  I took the non-slick sides and glued them together so that ALL of the pages were slick.  Then I stapled along the spine to hook it together and covered the staples with ribbon---hot glued it on there.  THEN after all that I tried to burn the ends of the ribbon with a lighter and SLIGHTLY lit the whole book on fire--live and learn right???  Here is the finished product.

Not as sturdy or as cute as the tutorial, but Em is more than happy with it.  I really wanted to make a cute cover, but I could not fight Emersyn off once she realized stickers were involved:)  Oh well it is what it is I guess!!!  AND it really does work.  The stickers come right off and go right back on---for HOURS:)
Next I have a few pictures that were being held hostage on my camara.  They finally decided to come off and play, so here they are.  They are a few leftover birthday pictures.  First off--Emersyn's party decorations.  I HAD to share my great find.  I was in search of cheap easy cute decorations for Chuck E Cheese and that is EXACTLY what I found.  I came across this great book at WalMart.

It was a book of punch out decorations.  AND it only cost 8 bucks.  SOOO for 8 dollars I got name cards, cup tags, placemats,  a tablerunner, lots of cutouts, confetti, fork decorations, a box, napkin rings, hmmmm tons of cute stuff.  The only bad part was punching them all out---probably took me about an hour.  BUT for 8 bucks---I had nothing else to do:)

As I punched I set up the stuff on the table.  This was only part of the stuff because the book came with stuff for 12 people.  Even if you are not having a party I thought this would be fun stuff to have around the house to play with---they had all different types too--Cars, Disney Princess, Spiderman,....not sure what else. 
You cannot take cups to Chuck E Cheese (Heaven forbid you not pay 2 bucks for a pop), so I had all of the cup tags left over.  I cannot stand to waste anything, so I cut them up and used them for cupcake decorations.  I cut the bottoms off and then glued two (wrong sides) together.  Then I slipped a toothpick between the 2 layers. 
I did not have as many as I wanted so I also cut green scrapbook paper the same size and put Tinkerbell stickers on them.  Worked like a charm and did not cost me anything---kinda cute too. 

I found another fun new thing while planning this party---canned frosting.  Think of canned whip cream, but FROSTING.  It came out in pretty little scallops and was kinda fun to decorate with.  The only problem was it ran out too quick, but it WAS fun while it lasted. 
Well that was a less than thrilling post, but hey that is my life right?  Some days are just a little more THE NANNY than DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. 

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