Saturday, May 1, 2010

A little LOVE and a little REpurpose action

I have the GREATEST family EVER!!! Yesterday I had a small surgery--nothing major (I wish Lipo, but no).  Although I am pretty much fine, I am a little sore, a lot tired, and pretty uncomfortable.  I came home yesterday and went right into nappy-time.  When I woke up I had these beauties waiting for me.  I have NEVER had flowers delivered to me--seemed kinda like a movie:)  They are so pretty and springy and make me happy every time I look at them. 
Beyond husband took care of Emersyn all day yesterday, my mom took her home last night, and my in-laws took my hubs on a date last night.  I got in some GOOD resting, reading, and even a little crafting last night.  How much luckier can a girl get????  I took some Tylenol PMs last night and slept in until 830 this morning.  What a luxury!!! EIGHT FREAKING THIRTY!!!!!   My house has been a little TOO quiet without my little buddy here, so I EVEN turned on the radio:)  THANKS AGAIN FOR THE FLOWERS!!  I love you Todd, Marilee, Kevin, Mom, and of course Emersyn for all you do for me!!!
Besides enjoying fresh flowers (don't they even make my garbage can look happy??), I did a little refashion on a summer dress.  Here is how it went...
I started with this cute little sun dress (kindly donated to the cause by Melissa).  I loved the little flowers and thought it would make a cute dress for Emersyn.  Then I remembered that I had made her a gillion dresses so I opted for a tunic type shirt--just a dress but shorter:) 
First I took the dress apart.  I had wanted to use the zipper and hems to make my life easier, but it didn't happen so I just cut down the side seams.  I was left with this...
I decided I liked the elastic shirring that HAD been the back of the dress, so I decided to use it for the front of the NEW shirt.  SOOO I used one of Em's shirts and cut around it as a pattern.   The original dress had a lining, so I just left it in there and cut it all out together.  I had a bit of a casualty here when I cut a little bit into the orange shirt.  After a few BAD words, I got over it and added the orange shirt (tags still on) to my FIX pile--darn it!!!!

Then I sewed my two pieces together(with the lining still in there)  and used the left over fabric to make a little ruffle for the bottom. 
I had wanted to used the blue portion from the original front of the dress to make the straps, but I just did not have enough fabric, so I used the original straps.  I cut them in half and sewed them into the front and back of the dress and made little ties.  I am glad I did it this way because I think it looks cute and summery.
I used the blue scraps--that were going to be the straps-- and some of the leftover scraps of the original straps to make some little rosettes.  I only safety pinned the flowers on because I am a little unsure about how this one is gonna work.  My model is still at Grandmas and so I am not sure how the shirring is gonna work in the front.  SOOOO when I get my kiddo back I will have to see if the front is the FRONT or the BACK.  Either way it is cute and frilly--just how I like it:)
Thanks Melissa for cleaning out your closet for us (we ALL know that the Koch's have the BEST clothes).  I will think of you every time my little sweetie wears this one:) ♥
make it wear it


marciekoch said...

I didn't know you had surgery! What's the deal?! I feel terrible! I'm sorry - I'm a terrible friend. Maybe the Koch's can redeem ourselves - we have some more clothes for you to re-purpose for Em. :)

Marilee said...

We love you !

Andrea @ said...

The dress turned out so cute!