Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh Happy Day!!

Today there were many moments that just made my little heart happy.  Here are a few....

1.  Waking up next to Emersyn who rolled over and told me "Mommy I happy now."  Hmmm I would really like to break her of the habit of sleeping with me after about 5 in the morning, but darn it---she is so cute and sweet in the morning. 

2. Going to the library, park, and McDonalds playland with Amy, Delaney, and Baby Colton.  Today the girls played good together so Amy and I ACTUALLY got to have a conversation.  Sometimes we spend an entire day together and never finish a complete sentence without being interrupted (by crying, ouchies, fights, diaper changes--you name it).  Having an adult conversation today was HAPPY-NESS!!

3. Emersyn stayed dry today while we were out and about (except for one fluke--she peed her pants in the bathroom stall, but I don't count that).  She is working really hard at this whole potty training thing--YAY!!!

4.  Sunshine--no explanation needed here right????

5. And the big happy moment of the day....Em falling into my toilet.  YEP--all the way in.  While I was in the shower she showed up in my bathroom, stripped down, and tried to go potty alone.  She did fine until the end.  She tried to wipe and fell right into the hole--sad YES--Funny HECK YES!!!  After the initial freak out I got her out and cleaned off and then sat on the bathroom floor and laughed myself silly.   She just kept saying---I fall in the toy-yet.  Maybe you had to be there...

I also had a few moments that made me want to shut my head in the dryer. 
1. 2 poopy pairs of little Elmo undies.  Yikes all mighty what a gross situation. 

2.  Ok so the poop was the real low point.  I guess you can call this day a SUCCESS ♥

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