Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My little Sweet Tart:)

Look at the chubbo on those mommy's slippers.  Cute Cute CUTE!!!  I have had a re-fashion on the burner for the last few darn weeks and I FINALLY got it right.  The first attempts of making some adult clothes into Emersyn clothes was NOT a success, but THEN I tried, and Tried and TRIED one more time and then it kinda worked.  They cannot all be great--right???  Somtimes things just don't turn out as expected!!! 
I started off with these Sweet Tarts Pj's donated by the beatiful Melissa.  Even the Koch's JUNK is great---those girls have some fun stuff at their house....I'm just sayin!!! 
Anyway...I used the shirt to make a little dressy-pooh.  It took some trial and error and some more error and then some seam ripping and then some swearing and finally turned into a dress--kinda. Em loves the hearts and thinks she is a princess girl, so that is what REALLY matters.
The skirt had some issues too.  It started off---well just a little long and freaky (kinda like 2 year old hair).
So I cut and sewed and re-did and shortened her on up.
Now it is a fun little heart skirt that Em thinks is her dancing skirt.  Can't beat a dancing princess girl!!

The End!!♥


Scott & Traci said...

Cute! Wow Jessica! You are so super talented, I Love seeing your projects, and after seeing your shirts that you made out of bandanas I REALLY want to make one!

melissa said...

cute! so lame that i have to come use YOUR internet to post on your blog :) i'm so glad em gets to have cute heart clothes, since they didn't fit me!! good work.