Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's Mine Is Yours

This is not the greatest picture of Emersyn, but I love it because she is showing me her pretty pink nails.  She has been showing them off for a couple of days now--she is pretty proud.  The picture also gives you a great view of my pantry--yep--not clean:)  Anyway....yesterday I spent a little time with my sewing machine.  It has not gotten a lot of attention lately so I cranked it up and did a little re-fashion. 

I bought this shirt last year because it was kind of like a shirt that I already had.  There was only ONE big problem....it was not really at all like the shirt that I loved.  So I wore it once and hated it and let it sit around and keep the cute shirt company for a while and then decided to give it a new life. 

I liked the shape of this dress that Em already has and so I cut out a similar shape and gave it a try.  It really did not turn out like this dress at all, but that was the beginning plan....sometimes things change:)

Em liked it, but was NOT interested in having her picture taken. 


I like that it is more of a shirt than a dress.  I should have made it a little wider because without the elastic waist of the example dress, it is not OVER big.  I guess it will fit her for a while and then maybe it will fit as a dress and then a shirt for another cute little Perkins---SOMEDAY!!
make it wear it


Andrea said...

It turned out so great! Such a cute little dress.

Olivieri Portrait Design said...

super cute and crafty of u. But what I can't get over is how old she looking. She must be growing like a weed!