Wednesday, May 5, 2010

book review

My reading has temporarily been slowed down by conflicting engagements--AKA crafting.  Slowed down-YES, but NOT stopped.  I have managed to start and stop a few books and even got through a few in the past few months--YAY ME!!!  First off, Days of Gold by Jude Deveraux.  I finished this about a month ago (so I don't remember all of the nitty gritty details), but I do remember that I enjoyed it.  It is like ALL of her books--pure mind candy with little or no thinking required.  The gist of it was.....a poor Scottish Ex-Lord who has lost his land and money and a rich heiress meet and HATE each other.  She needs help because her JERK of an Uncle is forcing her to marry a horrible old man so that he can get to her money.  Of course the wonderful (and probably hot) Scotsman helped her out and they had adventures and I bet there was some love involved in there somewhere.
Next I started The King's Grace by Anne Easter Smith.  I really liked it, but did not finish it.  It was a great story and very well written, but VERY detailed and VERY historical.  Which is good, but hard to read at Night Night time.  It was another version of the story about the missing princes of England who were locked in The Tower and never heard from again.  This version was told from the perspective of the bastard daughter--Grace.  I wish I could have stuck it out, but it was just putting a block on me starting ANY other books.

Most recently I finished The Twilight Of A Queen by Susan Carroll.  This is the 5th (I think) in the Dark Queen Series.  I have read them all over the years and have enjoyed them all. This is a series about Catherine of France (The Dark Queen) and a family of Witches (Wise Woman) who she is constantly fighting against.  If you hate the idea of magic or super-natural--this is not the book for you.  I like the little bits of historical fact mixed in with the weird magical lovey dovey other stuff:)
Emersyn and I are headed to the library again tomorrow in hopes of finding something good to get me back in the reading mood.  Anybody have any good suggestions????

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marciekoch said...

I'm just going to write a blog about the book I just finished. It was a great read.