Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Earth Day re-purpose---only a week too late:)

I missed Earth Day, but my heart was in the right place.  I STARTED before Earth Day, but did not FINISH until a few days ago.  I guess going GREEN was a little harder than I thought:)  I jumped on the bandwagon and tried to make SOMETHING out of garbage-ish type stuff.  This is what I came up with.  A fruit tray SLASH new and improved jewelry box. 
I started with THIS...
I had a fruit tray left over from a baby shower and decided it would be great for storage.  SOOOO I bought some spray paint (the kind especially for plastic) and sprayed it.  I just sprayed right over the stickers and everything---quick and easy.
At this point I decided I wanted it to store jewelry and so I wanted to line the holes with felt.  So I layed paper over the holes and colored over it with a crayon to get the outline.  Then I cut the shape out and used it as a template for cutting my felt peices. Next I added ric rac to the lid---just becaue I kinda love ric rac:)
It still seemed a little boring---even though I was planning on it being in a drawer---I thought a little bling would help.   I decided on a fabric flower.  I ALWAYS see fabric flower tutorials on blogs, but for some darn reason I could not find any when I ACTUALLY needed one. So I guessed and checked. 
I started with a strip of fabric--folded it hotdog style--and cut slits on the un-folded edge.  Then I started folding it over on itself and gluing it to itself.  I just put glue around the inside edge and folded it until it layed right and made a circle.

I went all the way around and then cut the leftover fabric and glued the edge down.
I did the same with a skinnier strip of fabric for layer 2.
And another smaller peice for layer 3.   Then I popped a button in the middle and called it good.

I don't have ANY fancy jewelry, but I am sick of having to dig through the bathroom drawers and under the bed for what little junky stuff I do have.  So this works great for me because it has a lid and isn't little hand friendly.  I think it would be great for crafting supplies, for a drawer organizer, to hold small kids toys, the possibilities are endless:)  Plus it is free and kept a little trash out of the landfill--can't beat that--RIGHT???
Mine is currently sitting next to my two BFFs (Baby Emersyn and Sarah) on my nightstand.  Happy Late Earth Day!!!!



Larissa said...

Cute repurpose.

Thanks for stopping by the giveaway today.

Good Luck!

Mikaela said...

You never cease to amaze me with your creativity! So cute and fun!

Michelle Rayburn said...

Way cool! It looks nothing like it used to!

from Trash to Treasure Decorating

Lisa said...

What a cute idea to reuse something you would normally throw out! Great idea!

Beckie said...

What a pretty transformation and so creative! Thanks for linking up!

Beckie said...

I am featuring this today so come on over and grab a featured button if you would like! Happy Friday!

Carol said...

Very clever! That would make a great YW's craft!

gml said...

Great idea. I've always wondered how to change the look of plastic trays.
I would use the "pockets" to hold sewing notions (bobbins, needles, scissors, etc.)
Thanks for the inspiration!