Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I love my mommy!!!

I had a great Mother's Day this year.  I think most of the fun was in making presents for some grandmas in my life.  I started off with two ideas and ACTUALLY finished both of them---I think that is a record for me in completing things--WOW!!  First off I made these handprint frames. 
I traced Em's hand and cut it out of scrapbook paper.  I let Emersyn glue them on (big step in letting go) and voila.  Cute little handprint.  As soon as I find a frame I am pretty sure I need one of these for myself.
Next I used THIS tutorial to make some washer necklaces.

My picture beyond sucks, but I swear they were cute.  Go check out the tutorial and you will see how cute they are--just imagine my picture is as good as hers:)
I will for sure be doing this again though.  I love mine---it is the one on the right:)  It took a while to get the metal stampin down, but now it is pretty easy and a good way to let out some potty training aggression:)  I hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day (I know you all deserve it!!) ♥

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