Monday, May 17, 2010

Mini Me!!

Saturday Emersyn and I skipped out on the yard sales (even though they were calling our names) and stayed home to work on the potty training thing. She is getting better and we have good times and bad times.  Yesterday she stayed dry at church and while playing outside at my Grandma's house all day. She seems to do fine UNLESS mommy forgets to take her quick enough.  I guess mommy needs to get potty trained:)
Anyway--Em and I worked on pottying and played and played and played.  AND I had a realization moment. Emersyn REALLY does notice what I am doing and tries to be like me.  Scary thought.  I guess I need to work on myself so that she turns out JUST RIGHT!!!  This picture is of us in her playhouse.  I sat down and got comfortable and the next thing I knew.....a copycat.  Time to clean up my act for MINI ME!

Grandpa Johnny stopped by and gave Em a Tonka Truck (he went yard sale-ing for us).  She really liked to Dump Dump. 

I made this Steelers dress last weekend at craft day.  I got to spend last Satuday with the Koch Ladies making fun stuff.  This was the result.  I got the Steeler onsie at a yard sale, but it was a 0-3 month size.  I had planned on just keeping it around for another kid, but then Em tried it on one day and it fit.  SOOO I decided that I would make her something STEELERS.  NOT because I am such a football fan (I kinda hate it), but because my MIL LOVES the Steelers (only slightly less than she loves Emersyn--ha ha). 

I knew it would make her happy to see her little girlie all Steelered out. 

If you look too close you can see that there is a weird problem with the shoulders and neck.  I had a problem because the original neck was the kind that overlaps on the sides, and it came undone while I was sewing and cutting.  SOOO I sewed it back together AND it was too small.  Emersyn was kinda stuck in the dress when we tried to take it off.  SOOOO as much as I love the idea of this dress, I will have to try again.  I don't know if this one can be saved, but I do have another onsie(2 for 1 at the yard sale)---it might be time to admit defeat on THIS one. 

Yesterday we went to Grandma June's house.  Jenny and Ryan were there doing some yard work for Grandma and Jen brought out Creete's old tri-cycle.  I love the helmet--she looks like a mushroom head:)  Her dress was another craft day creation.  I used 3 handkies from Wal Mart.  I sewed two together and added elastic to make the dress.  Then cut up another one to make the straps. I used elastic in the straps too to keep them up. 
I also made a little tie in the back so that it didn't look like such a Moo Moo. 
And because I can't stop making rosettes, made two little matching ones and hooked them to some hair clips.  THEN I forgot to have her wear the clippies--I swear my brain no longer works right.
She had a blast out at Grandma's with Creete.  They dug in the dirt for hours.  This was the pose that Creete did EVERY time I tried to take a picture--not sure why---I guess that is the 4 year old pose.
And of course she suckered her daddy into pushing her around on her new bike. 
I love this picture.  It just shows perfectly how it works with those 2.  He is pretty much her Play Slave:)  I had a great weekend with my Mini Me and I am hoping that we can leave our potty house this week and not be tied to the toilet ♥

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Yolanda said...

I really need you to come and take a look in my closet and help me restyle. Where do you live? Teheehee.
Love your new sweaters and outfits. I'm off to my closet and maybe Wal-Mart for some bandanas.