Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a few thrity finds

I am still on a bit of a thrifting high from this weekend.  I finally got a chance to go through some of the stuff I got and see if I still love it---you know how quickly a girl's mind can change???  I still think I made some good deals and I have some plans in the works....well in my brain at least.  Here are the fabrics I got at the Goodwill and ValueVillage (did not even think about them having fabrics there).
First off the pinky goodness. It is a pink and grey print--kinda like an animal print, but I am not sure what kind of animal:)  The fabric is silky and I am thinking summery scarves....like this maybe.
Next, I found a sheet.  I love the yellow circles and think it looks cool with the random black circles too--kinda moderny.  I am not sure what is in the future plans for this sheet, but there is lots of fabric to go around.  I think it would be cute as backing for a quilt---or maybe a skirt.  Not sure there yet.  Maybe all of the above.
Then there is the red and gray.  It is knit t-shirt fabric and I think it would be cute as one of these. You cannot beat a t-shirt right???
The lovely green "wheat" fabric is actually a big skirt.  It was a VERY full skirt thought and has tons of fabric to it.  I am not sure if I will attempt to size it down to a wearable skirt or give it a new life.  I just could not resist the bright green--love it!!
AND last is the blue and white checked shirt.  It is a men's dress shirt.  I have wanted to make one of these for a while now and kept my eye out for the right shirt---because the Todster will not let me steal any more of his clothes. 
SOOOO that is a little bit of what I was up to this weekend.  Let's see if anything gets made out of these little beauties.  I am good at  shopping, ok at planning, and not as great at following through ♥

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