Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Flower Face Lift

I FINALLY PLANTED FLOWERS TODAY!!!!  I feel like a new person.  Our house is on the market and in MANY ways I feel like a renter.  I don't want to do things to our yard and house because then we will be moving.  BUT today I decided that nobody was going to buy our naked bare little house SOOOOO I went out and spent my garage sale money on pretty flowers.  I also did not want to spend a ton on pots and containers, so I made do withwhat we had (sort of).  Here is what I did---just in case someone else in the world has not planted flowers and is also SUPER cheap about it:)
I started with these bare pots from years past.  I sprayed 3 of them red (one is not there if you are wondering) and 1 blue.  I used plastic spray paint until I ran out and then just used the regular kind---we shall see which holds up.

My little helper REALLY wanted to help paint.  The only thing she ACTUALLY helped at was getting paint all over herself---bummer!!!

I turned ONE of the big red pots upside down and then sat the other one on top of it---I wanted there to be a difference in the heights of the buckets.  Then I put the blue one on the ground.  For the last one, I spray painted an ice-cream bucket red and then put the little pot on top.  I like the square shape and thought it was kinda fun.

I also had these oldies but goodies.  They were faded and ugly, but still in fine shape.  SOOOO of course I painted them right on up.  I also thought they were toooo short so I stacked two on top of each other.
Here it is the new patriotic front to our house:)  I kinda love the new red (taller) flower box.  What a difference a little paint can make.

I also wanted some smaller pots for my patio furniture---again I am always shocked by how much flower pots are.  So I looked in the dollar section of TARGET (I love it there almost as much as I love Christmas). These were chip bowls and DUH---only a dollar.
I used my handy drill that I FINALLY learned how to work and I DRILLED BABY!!!  I poked some holes in the bottom for drainage and then filled them with pretty-ness.  I really love wave petunias---can you tell:)

Not too shabby for a buck-----right???

So for the cost of some paint (which I had) and some flowers and soil (which I did not) and 2 dollars---I got a whole new front door.  I think we went from drab to fab and I would TOTALLY buy our house:)

My dirty little helper approved too.  I am not sure why the hair brush is outside by the way....or why she is licking it (shrug).  Let's look at the flowers again and forget about the poor little orphan child sitting on my porch....

Mmmmm---pretty flowers---what kid?????♥

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Embellished Bayou said...

Great idea to use the chip bowls as planters! Your flowers look great.