Sunday, June 20, 2010

I WIN!!!

A few weeks back I won a giveaway and was MORE than excited.  I NEVER---not just saying that---NEVER win anything.  It is like a weird unbreakable curse---except maybe I just broke it---AHHHH!!!!  Anyway....the prize was a 40 dollar gift certificate to THIS etsy shop. Hello...40 dollars---super generous.  I had a super dooper hard time choosing what I wanted because everything was so cute and reasonably priced so I thought I would share some of the cuteness with you all and then you could run over there and check it out.  The shop is called. A Vision To Remember and there are tons of pre-made carseat covers and raggy blankets (other stuff too).  BUT also patterns for making your own as well.  Here are a few of the things I LOVED...
FIRST...I had a mad crush on this raggy quilt---LOVE the color combinations.  I didn't go for this though because I didn't want to LOSE money on my winnings---cheap I know.

Next--- my main purchase (or win) was this super cute carseat cover kit.  I love when other people pick the fabrics and then hand them over with a cute pattern.  CRAFTING HEAVEN for me.  PLUS I was SOOOO happy when the kit came in the mail because the pieces were already PRE-cut.  Hello!!!  I almost proposed to the owner of the shop right then and there.
BTW---my carseat is a combo of these same colors AND paisley---score!!!!  And BTW number 2---no I am not pregnant, but I know this will come in handy SOME DAY!!!

I actually got a few patterns, (but I honestly cannot remember all that I picked out), but I DO know that this cuter than cute John Deere quilt pattern came to my house.  LOVE IT!!!!
I also got the pattern for this belly band pattern.  I REPEAT....I am not pregnant.  I just did not have one of these with Kid 1 and thought I might try it SOME DAY!!!  PLUS if I continue eating the way I am, I might need one of these anyways...looks kinda comfy!!

I just cannot say enough nice things about this shop. Great products, great service, GREAT giveaway.  Go check out the cute stuff over THERE and I bet YOU wont be able to stop at just one item either---TRY IT!!!  AND then go enter a giveway---you just might win something freakin' fantastic!!!


marciekoch said...

Congratulations! You picked great patterns! I might need to borrow them?! :)

janimal said...

Congrats on the win! I love when the cutting is already done for a project. Have fun!