Monday, June 21, 2010

Dollar Tree Creations

I recently hit the dollar tree for some 4th of July crafting inspiration---I was not disappointed:) 
I found THESE:
A candlestick holder and an....I am not sure---ash-try, candy dish, candle holder.  Whatever it is shaped like a star and is JUST what I was looking for.
I used Gorilla Glue to attach the base to the underside of the star.  Then I stacked my highly technical equipment---2 photo albums and a box of cat treats--onto them to keep them STUCK!!! 

Then I filled them with Red Hots and Peppermint Patty Bites. 
This was Baby Handy Pants favorite step ♥

Next I made these tierd servers---also from Dollar Tree supplies.  I saw something similar at Crap I've Made, but she used bowls and I decided to use cups so that there was more room on each tier. 
Here is what I used...

Plates (I also used round plates), cups, and super glue--which was also at the dollar store---who knew???
Same general idea.  Glue, stack, and then hold tight with books.

THEN REPEAT.  My only advice...make sure that the cups are lined up in the middle of the plates---notice how mine are WONKY!!!!  Also don't put too much glue around the edge of the cup or it will run down into the cup---also happenend to me (sigh).

Even wonky it is kinda cute---right???
I am thinking one stacked with cute red, white and blue cupcakes....AND maybe one with different chips and dip---what do you think???

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Rosie said...

Impressed jess! Seriously and udderly impressed with you. Really.